Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It’s Rain….. It’s Rain

image This morning Sandy and I were up early as we wanted to go to the Post office to pick up our mail after spending the last ten days at Canton’s 1st Monday. On the way in to Diana we noticed some dark skies in the south. We haven't had rain in the Lone Star area for about three and half weeks. We both committed at the same time maybe this will be our turn to get that much needed moisture.  We also wanted to go to Efurd’s in Pittsburg TX west of here to pick up some peaches and fresh purple hull peas.  After getting our mail we headed to Pittsburg about 18 miles from Diana and on the way the skies opened up and boy did we get the rain. This is what the system looked like that rolled through our area. It rained so hard Sandy nearly stopped a couple of times due to lack of vision from the heavy down fall. We even hydroplaned a couple of times due to the build up of water on the road. We drove in this all the way back to the RV where we had  bookoos of rain standing in the yard. Yes, we finally were blessed and got the rain we much needed. Their is another system down south that is working it’s way north who knows we might get some more rain.

Short trip pleasant suprise 038

At Efurd’s we picked up a 1/2 peck of fresh peaches for $16 and the four bags of purple hulls were $2 a bag. This place has fresh vegetables, watermelon, cantaloupe, and the best strawberry and peach ice crème you will eat anywhere.

This is a photo of their little rest and picnic area next doorShort trip pleasant suprise 040.
If you are ever in this area between June and July they are about four miles south of  
Pittsburg on Highway 271.

We are grateful for the rain that has been provided and maybe will settle down the red dirt from Farmers Trucking and make the grass grow so I can mow again.

Until next time….,MtnAire Travlers.

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  1. Weldon and Sandy,
    Glad you made it through the heavy rain okay. Hydroplaning is no fun and very dangerous.
    Hey that fresh fruit really looks good this time of year. How was the ice cream?
    You guys take care and thanks for the post. I know the rain was hard, but it sounds like much needed.
    Mike & Gerri