Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Making Of A Deer Blind Part III


This morning BIL James knocked on our door and wanted to know if I wanted to go out to the deer lease to work on their deer stand and feeder. Since I had not been there for sometime I thought I would tag alone to see what they have done to their hunting area. So I grabbed my shooter (camera) and off to the piney woods we went. Upon arrival to their entrance you good see he had brushed hog a road back into the woods to his deer stand. After traveling back in the woods about two miles we arrived at his site. image

This is the deer stand and the auto corn feeder. When we arrived you could see that the gate to the fenced in feeding area had been knocked down. Upon investigation you could see wild hog tracks all over the area and they were very fresh looking. You could see the tracks of the sow or bore along with small piglet tracks around the corn that had been auto dispensed on the ground. They managed to get under the hog wire and in fact ripped it into several pieces.


This is another shot of his deer stand. We reran some of the hog wire and some additional t-post to strengthen this area. We also put out some deer chow a high protein feed in one of his single cylinder feeders.  After we finished there we drove over to BIL David's deer stand about 3/4 miles from James stand and found it to be in pretty good shape. Upon walking in the feeding area you could see a lot of deer tracks around the feeder. image

David has not put up his deer stand yet but it is in process of being built. They plan to set it up sometime this month. Maybe I’ll get to tag alone and see what’s involved. Remember this is all new to this city guy.

After returning from the lease we did some brush hogging of BIL James four acres and did a little pad work where he plans to build his home.  image

It was a good day and it was nice to get out in the woods even though it was quite warm today. Tomorrow we go to Longview for that weekly grocery shopping for Sandy’s mom and us. The photos below are those of some recent visitors to our feeders and a poor shot of the country squirrel trying to get into one to the feeders.

image imageUntil next time….MtnAire Travlers.

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