Monday, June 21, 2010

Our Country Squirrel Has Become A City Slicker

image Has our country squirrel become as smart as those city squirrels....maybe even smarter. Yesterday the little squirrel accidently fell from the top feeder to the larger feeder below and in the process discovered he could use this as his platform to eat out of smaller feeder just

above……. he must have said “boy was that easy” as he has done the same thing again today. Except this time he climbed down to the larger feeder below. We now have a greater separation between the feeders and he must think “is this hate squirrel week” as he can no longer use the larger feeder as a chair. I’m sure this country


boy will eventually figure out another way to get his free chow.
Paula Deen has only one thing over Sandy when it comes to southern cooking and that is her money. Sandy can stand tall right next to her as to delicious home cooking traditions, Southern charm ...tasty country meals.
The other day she prepared the most tasty salmon patties, purple hull peas, fresh garden grown tomatoes, 10-15 sweet onions and cornbread. Yummy. Boy was it good. Only one thing wrong thou she did not prepare enough of the patties. I only had three and since I’m still a growing boy, ( more ways than tall how about inches in the waist) and in his seventies, I sure good have eaten maybe two more.

Well as lady luck goes if you experience one bust in your water hose you need to be prepared for more. The hose on the motor home is on a rollup reel and yesterday we had it burst at the end. Of course this hose is only eight years old what else should you expect. I had a female i/2” connector that I was able to put on the old hose. Hope this will hold up until I can figure out how to replace it on that reel. We checked our pressure at the hose entrance to the home and it was 48lbs. I guess you can not expect it last forever.

Sandy’s sister Pam and her husband drove over from Longview yesterday evening on their Goldwing motorcycle and we shared the pot roast, potatoes, carrots and all the trimmings that Sandy had prepared. After we ate we watched the rain delayed College World Series game between Oklahoma and South Carolina.

Here is our resident mother rabbit and one of her babies eating below the feeders. Sandy peeled some carrots and put the peelings out for them.  image

Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.

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  1. Well our squirrels must be "dumb" country squirrels because they still haven't figured out how to get to the bird feeder. The biggest problem is our birds haven't gone to the feeder either. Being in a state park (natural setting) I guess they have learned to eat "in nature" perhaps???? The birds are all around but they don't stop at the feeder.
    On the upside...we do have several hummers visiting the hummingbird feeder on the window!! YAY

    Take care!
    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)