Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Been Awhile

Lets see where do we begin? As it’s been awhile since I last posted. The main reason is my eye is still in the healing process and my vision is returning every day. Still don’t need glasses for far away, need sunglasses, reading glasses (2.75) for reading and computer work. My eye surgeon released me for normal work this past Wednesday and wants me back in six weeks to see if I’m going to need a new prescription for glasses.

Secondly I’m completely remorseful for not acknowledging nor thanking those who are my blog followers. I wish to correct that now and extend a big thank you to all. We appreciate your jumping aboard. Hope we don’t disappoint you. Sandy and I have aging mothers (89 and 93), so we feel we must stay close by. Therefore, we don’t do the traveling we use to. We do however try to do some day trips to close by areas of interest and then their is First Monday every month.

Our weather hasn’t been nothing but short of miserable. They say this is one of the hottest summers North Texas has experienced in quite a number of years. It certainly as been ours in the eleven years we’ve based here in Lone Star. Our days near the 100’s with high humidity, lack of rain certainly will be remember able for us. We've had no measureable rain here in LS for over a month and a half. The grass is dying and the trees are loosing their leaves early. There will probably be no fall colors this year in North East Texas. We will probably not have a fall and will go right into winter. We’ll see as Wednesday I understand is the first day of fall.


I’ve really fallen in love with my CPAP machine. I have been on it now for two weeks and believe it or not I look forward to going to bed at night. I get the best sleep I've experienced in years. I awake each morning feeling refreshed and alert. I also experience what they call REM sleep. Very seldom do I take naps in the day now.

REM sleep in adult humans typically occupies 20–25% of total sleep, about 90–120 minutes of a night's sleep. During a normal night of sleep, humans usually experience about four or five periods of REM sleep; they are quite short at the beginning of the night and longer toward the end. The relative amount of REM sleep varies considerably with age.  My REM sleep seems to occur early in the mornings. Most are remember able and sometimes are so interesting that after getting up to go to the potty I try to get back into the dream before morning. Right now I’m using a full nose mouth mask and my BIL David had an extra nasal interface mask that I plan to try later.

Nasal Mask
image Full Face maskimage

I first thought I would have a problem with this and the hose that attaches from the CAPP machine and guess what problems at all. If any of you are having problems out their and suspect you may not be sleeping well and waking up tired or suspect you stop breathing in your sleep I strongly recommend you check this out.


We took Sandy’s mom to her heart doctor today for her Pacemaker check. They want to check it again in 90 days as they feel her battery will need replacing. While in town we saw this interesting sight. We suspect they were headed to the Pilgrims Chicken processing plant in Mt. Pleasant….. no not really.


Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.


  1. Glad to hear your eye surgery went well and you are able to get back to blogging. We missed hearing from y'all. Also that your CPAP machine is helping you sleep. Rollie's dad has one and finds it very successful too. Take care and God Bless You!!

    Love In Christ,
    Gina & Rollie

  2. We are glad to hear that you are seeing better every day and sleeping better every night.

    Life Is Good!

    Hugs to you both. See you soon.