Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Recent Cold Front Energizes Me

imageThis past Saturday when the cold front rolled through our temperatures really dropped. No longer did we have the 100’s with high humidity's that has zapped my energy levels. All I wanted to do was set in the motorhome with the a/c and not venture out to do anything. Well that all changed this past weekend. Our temperatures for the last two mornings have been 51F and 49F with the highs in the low 70’s. I stayed outside all day and did some cleaning on the motorhome. I used The Solution and did all of the passenger side yesterday and will do the drivers side today. (click on photos to enlarge)


This stuff simply amazes me. The last time I washed the MH with water was when I had the roof washed about two months ago. The skin is not only shiny as pictured here it is also is very smooth and slick when you drag your fingers across the skin. Now granted the MH was not filthy dirty.It did have the red East Texas dirt film on the skin but nor a scratch was there after applying The Solution. Thanks Mark for being one of their distributors and putting me on to this fine product.


I also washed the wheels on the passengers side and cleaned them with Mothers Mag and Aluminum polish. As a applicator I used the Viva paper towel. I also buffed out the polish with the Viva paper towel. This tip was also given to me by Mark.


For those that may question the orange cable over the wheel its my power supply to the Battery Tender located in the battery compartment. After cleaning the wheels with Mothers I came back with a coat of wax to add protection and help the shine even better. I know some out their may say why all the steps. I can only say when your retired what difference does it make. I have a lot invested in my home on wheels and I want to make sure its taken care of properly.

I finally broke down today and installed Windows Live Writer Beta. Actually I had no choice as the sidebar on the prior app I for some reason lost and could not recover it. So, far other than getting use to it I believe I’m going to like it. I wonder if perhaps the reason I had the problem with the prior app was a signal for me to do the beta update. hummmmm

Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.


  1. Great job on the looks very nice and shiny. :-)

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  2. if you take care of you and yours like you do the rig, you gonna be all right! Thanks for your service also