Saturday, September 4, 2010

What A Differenced 48 Hours Can Make


Us vendors here at First Monday were singing the blues this Thursday and Friday. Our crowds and buyers were considerably down compared to our previous September. Our weather has been a lot cooler so we just couldn’t understand. We woke to a chilly 58F this morning and boy was that a treat. Then as the morning progressed we had the crowds and the buyers. The aisles were swarming with people, their dogs and children. They till us getting into the parking area was a feat in itself. Sooo, just maybe this month will be the beginning of good things to come this fall.


We had some excitement Thursday in that our neighbor next door, Sandra tripped over a cable and broke a bone in her right foot. She spent three hours at the emergency clinic here in Canton before they saw her. She came back with a foot cast on her foot. While at the clinic I managed her booth and had a couple of sales. She is quite a lady even with her broken foot and in a cast she continues to put her  products together for this month as well as this fall.

I have my cataract surgery this coming Tuesday September 7th. The nurse called and said they wanted me a the clinic by 7am. This means Sandy and I will must be up and gone by 5am as it is just about a two hour drive from Lone Star to Tyler. I have been waiting now for a couple of months nearly to get this behind me.

On a sadder note my BIL Mike lost his Mom this past Thursday nite September 2nd to Alzheimer’s. She fought a good battle. Her Memorial will be next Tuesday. We are hoping be be through with my surgery in time to make it by 1pm. 

Until next time…MtnAire Travelers.


  1. Mike & I wish you well with your upcoming cateract surgery. We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers for a wonderful outcome!
    Sorry to hear about your BIL's mom. It is so sad to see someone go through the stages of Alzheimer. You all drive careful as you make your way to the memorial.

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  2. We say similar crowds and buying pubic Saturday in Wimberley.

    Hope you did well and good luck with the cataract surgery.