Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Everything On The Roof Has Now Been Resealed


A big thank you to BIL Mike who spent most of Monday afternoon on the roof of the motorhome sealing everything that wasn't already  sealed. He even went back over a couple areas where the sealant had shrunken from Saturdays work.


We hope we’ve sealed that area where the water has been finding its way into our bathroom. Our big test will be Thursday as the weatherman is predicting a 70% chance of thunderstorms that afternoon. The only other area that has not been addressed are the seals on the two  Dometic A/C’s. If we do have water entry we will have them looked at by a professional. Right now we are thinking positive and feel we’ve resolved the leak problem.


We have three Fantastic vents on our roof, two in the bathroom and one in the kitchen. Well guess what we had to leave these opened last night  so the covers would not stick to the sealant.  Well we had a low of 38F this morning and talking about cold you could have hanged meat in here.image

I spent most of the day cleaning the home with The Solution. Boy this stuff is just great! We had some soapy water streaks develop on the sides from when I washed the roof Friday prior to our sealing Saturday. I was able to remove them with ease.

Until next time. . . .MtnAire Travlers.

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  1. Would you come over to MS and show me how great The Solution is on my rig?? :)