Friday, February 25, 2011

Refrigerator Vent Base And Cover Replaced

Thursday morning Sandy and I were up early and off to Longview. We needed to pick up groceries for her mom before we leave for Canton and the expected thunderstorm that was to hit that afternoon. We also needed a few groceries for ourselves.


On the way back I asked Sandy to stop by Hayes RV as I wanted to talk to them about what was involved in replacing the refrigerator vent base and cover. They happened to have what I needed in stock and material cost for both the vent base and cover were around $45.  I asked to speak with one of the techs about the process of replacing this myself. After he explained the process  I asked how much would it cost me for him to replace it. He said $147 labor plus material. I asked when can you do it? He looked at his schedule and said how about Friday morning at 8:30am.  I said....Sold put me down.

imageThis is  the system  that came through just before 3 pm Thursday afternoon. The winds were gusting around 30 mph with lots of thunder, lighting and heavy rain at times.
Are you ready for this….Our recent efforts in resealing and taping our roof has evidently paid off........NO LEAKS!! Yippeeee

The heavy rain fall lasted for about 45 minutes and then the skies just cleared. Let's hope that was a good enough test and you won't be bored to death with anymore posting about leaky roofs. I do have to admit it has provided writing material for my blog posting.

Today we were up and on our way to Hayes RV by 7:40am for our 8:30am appointment. They took us right away into one of their service bays. We went and had breakfast at the Whataburger nearby. We returned and waited in their waiting room eating homemade oatmeal cookies. About 9:45am we saw them pull the motorhome out of the bay. So that didn't quite take the hour and a half but it was close. Total bill was $225.  While I was paying Sandy drove the Jeep around to the motorhome had it hooked up and ready to roll. We departed for Canton a little after 10am.


Picked up a Zip-It at Lowe's which Howard with RV-Dreams recently talked about and was able to pull out a lot of yucky stuff from our shower drain. Sure does drain faster now. Thanks Howard for the tip.

A big welcome to Georgina. Thanks for becoming our 42nd Blog Supporter.

Until next time. . . .MtnAire Travlers.

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