Saturday, February 5, 2011

First Monday A Ghost Town


We awoke Saturday morning to clear blue skies. Our temperature was hovering around 16F. Just maybe they say it might warm up to 39F by this evening. We were hoping this would be a sign that just might bring out the customers. It never happened. Yes, we had a few walk by our booth but you could tell they had some other place in particular in mind.

imageFor the most part vendors decided to just write off this month and some started packing up to go home. We hadn't had breakfast yet so we all packed into a neighbors truck and drove to the near by McDonalds for our morning coffee and meal.  You could tell from the traffic and with all the eighteen wheelers parked at a near by truck stop things on I20 were still at a snails pace.


After our breakfast we drove back to the grounds and it looked like a ghost town. The parking lot was virtually empty with only a few vehicles mostly belonging to vendors. We went to the office to pay March booth rent and they told us we could go home if we wanted to.


The weather for Sunday now has a chance for more snow and sleet.
Oh what to do?? We are already in our home which still has about 5" of snow and ice on the roof and slide outs. Our neighbor next door uses a local man to help them pack out. He had a ladder and large snow shovel and was getting the snow off their slide out. I asked him if he would do my two slides and he graciously said he would do it for me. Within ten minutes he had all the snow and ice off both slides. Now if we do decide later this evening to head out to Lone Star we won't have that to worry about.


We helped our neighbors pack out and then turned our attention of tearing down our booth for the move across the way. Then a light bulb came on and we can't move over there as the water was still turned off. No way to dump our holding tanks without water.

Here are some designer snow boots Sandy picked up at Wal-Mart. She seemed to have started a fashion as all the ladies were wearing them today.


While standing out behind the motorhome a honey bucket truck stopped and asked if we wanted him to pump our tanks. He has a fresh water system that he can use to follow up after pumping us. I asked how much He replied $10 so we let him dump our tanks. The wash out wasn't all that great but what the heck at least I won't have to mess with that chore before leaving. I can give them a good washing when we get back to base provided it ever warms up.


Well our neighbors have left and headed home. Here Sandy and I set pondering our next move. Even though there are no customers here the parking area behind us still has a lot of vendor vehicles parked where we can not get out now. So, what the heck let's just stay here and have our own Super Bowl party.

Until next time. . . .MtnAire Travlers.

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  1. If we were not so far from you we would come and watch the Super Bowl with you. We spent most of this bad weather out in west Texas and it was cold out there. Come on Spring time