Friday, August 26, 2011

Travel To Camping World Ft Worth

We were up before dawn this morning and did the final blue jobs for our departure for Fort Worth. We pulled out at 6:35am and arrived at Camping World a little before Noon. We would have made it a little sooner but the navigator (being me) missed our turn for 35W toward Waco. We've made this trip many times and I have no excuse as to why we missed our turn. In fact I didn't even recognize that we missed our turn until I looked over and saw a sign for Benbrook.

To late now to turn around and head back East so we continued on down to FM 2871which is the exit for our good friends Mark and Dortha daughter's house and where they base when in Fort Worth. Mark and Dortha are in Gillette WY attending the Escapade rally . Otherwise we just might have dropped in on them. We made our turn around and headed back on I20 east till we made the correct turn to Camping World on 35W.

We learned that McClain RV now owns the overnight parking spots that use to be If you were having work done by CW you could park free on a first come first served bases. Now that McClain owns this they want $30/night. We debated on just parking in the CW parking lot for the remainder of the day and tonight. When we looked at the temperature at that time being 106F we decided that was just to much for the GenSet and elected to pay the $30. Also McClain has just about taken over the entire parking area with their new RV's where it would have been very difficult to pull in with a 40ft MH and toad.

After we got parked in a space and plugged in to 50amp service no sewer, we loaded into the Jeep and headed north to the Apple Store on S. University Blvd to see if they can replace the screen on my IPhone 4. In a previous post I reported the phone fell out of my shirt pocket and busted the screen. We arrived and checked in at the Genius's Bar. In about 30 minutes a very nice young lady approached me and asked if I was Weldon and asked what could she do to help me. I explained my problem and was prepared for the worst but she said since I've only had the phone for less than 90 days that Apple had a one time courtesy to customer policy to swap my cracked screen Iphone 4 for a brand new one. Both Sandy and I where overwhelmed with this gesture. Thank you Apple!!!!


We returned to CW and checked in with the service manager. They will install a new Wineguard Trav'ler Slimline automatic antenna and DTV receiver starting at 8am in the morning. They said the job should take less than four hours and if all goes well we'll probably head out for Canton tomorrow afternoon. After we first check the system out to make sure we understand how to operate it and all is in working order.

Until next time. . . .MtnAire Travlers.


  1. Welcome to Ft. Worth! You will enjoy your new dish and the HD programming it will provide. We installed the same model a few months ago and love it!

  2. You will enjoy the Slimline dish and the HD programming!!
    What great news about your IPhone 4. That could have been an expensive fix!! Good deal!!