Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Day Of Ouches

Yesterday was just one of those days you wish had never came around. But, if it hadn't we wouldn't be here.....right!
Yes, a day of Ouches! First ouch was dropping my IPhone 4 on the concrete patio and cracking the lens. Stupid me put it in the top pocket of my t-shirt and when bending over to pick up my reading glasses. Yep, you know what happened next. I'm hoping Apple will be able to replace it.


Day before yesterday Sandy's brother showed up with two more pallets of grass. We learned that the owner of the grass place had called James and said he really needed to get rid of some grass before it died. He knocked off $75 per pallet and that's the reason we have two more pallets of grass to put down. So, this is where ouch number two occurred.

What we do is use the BadBoy to haul about 15-20 squares of grass to where we want to put it down. Well on one of the trips as I was backing the BadBoy to load some more grass I heard this awful sound of glass breaking and a big crunch. I then heard Sandy screaming to the top of her lungs "Watch it"!!!!! Naturally that was a little late as when I turned to look to see what had happened I saw the Jeep.


My what have I done. You got it I just backed the BadBoy into the left rear quarter panel breaking the rear left lens and dented in the piece just below the lens. Fortunately I was able to pull out the dent even though it left a scratch in the paint which I might be able to buff out. As to the lens it was busted out at the very bottom. You can hardly see it. I will address this at a later date. I would say being nearly blind in my right eye is my excuse for this ouch which I won't's purely being stupid and not paying attention do what I'm doing.

Ouch number three was when setting on the patio in front of the fan trying to cool off. I had left one of the cargo bays open where I had took out the fan. Now this ouch was a physical one as I hit the right side of my head on the corner of the open door. Lesson learned.... when you are through always close the bay door. What is that Forrest Gump saying......"Stupid is as stupid does". So my friends out there in blog land have you had any ouch days????

While going into Longview this morning for Sandy's doctor follow-up, we drove pass the grass place and saw he has about three more pallets of grass left. Oh, how we pray that he doesn't call brother James and make him another offer he wont be able to refuse. It's not that we are not appreciative of what he has done for us, I just don't think our bodies can take anymore abuse particularly in this heat. Our high yesterday was 111F. This evening its 109F.

Sandy's follow-up visit with her doctor went well. He did remove one of the internal snitchers that had made it to the surface of her stomach. He said she could resume normal activities which she has been doing already anyway. Tomorrow we venture over to VA Shreveport where I have a pre-surgery clinic visit with the surgeon that will do surgery on me sometime in the very near future.

Until next time. . . .MtnAire Travlers.

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  1. No ouch days for me! That tree last May jumped into the side of my awning, and so did the cement post at the gas station. :)