Sunday, August 28, 2011

We Have HD Direct TV


We were up early this morning at Camping World for our 8am appointment. We were there just before 8 and it wasn't until 8:30 before they took the home into one of their bays. We showed the tech our old system and told him where the receiver was located along with the mode switch which operated the old outdated KVH antenna. We also showed him our DVD player, amplifier, and surround sound systems. We wanted to make sure all of these items would still work after he installed the new Wineguard Trav'ler antenna and the DTV HD receiver. He said no problem as he has done many of these. This is probably where Murphy's Law first reared it's ugly head.


We then retired to their customer waiting room where we waited and waited. We spent most of the morning watching the news on Hurricane Irene. About three hours had passed and we were getting a little anxious hoping to see the tech come in and say he's finished as he said it shouldn't take over four hours to complete the job. Murphy's Law stepped in and whispered in my ear that I needed to go check on the progress of the installation.

Well as the saying goes if it's going to go bad hope it happens early in the game. Not the case here as I went out into the shop where they were working they had the old KVH system and RCA receiver out. Our entertainment cabinet had all these wires, RCA jacks and cables dangling out of it. Our TV was out of it's mount and laying against the back of my chair.

I asked how are you progressing and he replied the new Wineguard antenna was installed but he was unable to connect the HD receiver to coaxial cables and it needed to be connected with a HDMI cable to our TV. All the new receivers now as I understand him to say do not have a second connector for our TV in the bedroom. It seems he did not realize that a motorhome built in 2002 had a switch box and used coaxial cables for most of it's wiring and switching from one function to another?????? He saw I was getting a little upset and quickly assured me he would make everything work and we would be out of there by 4pm. And as he assured me everything did work but for us to have TV in our bedroom he had to install a RF Modular that would allow RCA jacks and coaxial cable to run this TV. If we had two receivers and separate wiring to the back TV this module probably wouldn't be required????

He installed the HDMI cable between the TV and HD receiver and we have excellent HD TV. We also have surround sound but in order to get this feature we must unplug the RCA jacks from the RF Modular audio and plug the audio RCA jacks from our amplifier into the audio jacks on the receiver. We then have audio in the bedroom TV but no audio. What we need is a RCA cable that has two male jacks with four female jacks to make everything work without plugging and unplugging. Do they even make anything like this????? I probably haven't explained this like I should but it is as I understand what we need to do.

imageI might add the Wineguard Trav'ler antenna works like a champ and we are very pleased with how quite it is and how quick it finds the Satellites.
Overall we are pleased with the tech for getting us up and running. Even though they had us in their bay for a little over seven hours Camping World stood by their fixed labor rate of $156.

My only recommendation is if you have an older coach that uses coaxial cables and a switch box stay away from HD TV.

Until next time. . . .MtnAire Travlers.

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  1. All's well that ends well. Glad you got everything fixed up. You will love that dish and being able to watch HDTV....ENJOY!!