Friday, September 9, 2011

Change In The Winds Brings Smoke

I won't go into all the details about the wild fires we're having in Northeast Texas. But, there is one that is fairly close to base called the Bear Creek fire. It has consumed about 30,000 acres and last report I believe nine homes. I mention this as it started to our east and as the crow flies that is about 15 miles from us. The winds have pushed this system toward Jefferson and Lake O' The Pines.

Until today we've managed to escape the smoke and smell but with the wind shifting more from the North we are now experiencing smoke and the smell of burning. We don't expect the fire to head our way at this time but we remain vigil and prepared to pull out of here in the event things change.

Our hearts and prayers go out to all those that have lost their homes. We also don't want to forget the firefighters who have been battling the fires across Texas. My BIL James has been helping fight a fire over on one of the oil leases where he is a pumper. He came home the other evening completely exhausted. He said there are just to many fires going on that there is just not enough fighters to contain them.

Sandy and I drove through where one of the fires had passed through and it was so sad to see all the devastation that has been caused by these fires.
We need rain so bad and the weatherman is not giving us much hope.

On another note we've been out of transportation for two days. The Jeep is at the local Chrysler/Jeep dealer getting it's speed sensors replaced. This is tied into the ESP/BAS system causing the idiot light on our dash to come on. We also notice a difference in the handling. It seems the sensor thinks we are on wet pavement and tries to correct the travel of the rear wheels. We just heard from our service writer and he tells us to come and get our car as the part had to be ordered and won't be in until next Monday. So we have another appointment set up for next Tuesday. I guess they just no longer keep parts at the dealership and strictly depend upon shipment from their warehouses. Fortunately for us we took out the extended warranty and this is covered by it and all it will cost us is the $100 deductible. Something finally going our way for a change.

I'm publishing this post on the new blogger for IPhones that Rick with Rick and Paulette mentioned in his most recent blog. Hope it works. Haven't figured out the photo thing yet. Maybe next time.

Until next time. . . .MtnAire Travlers.

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