Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Another Delay For My Surgery

The alarm went off at 4:30am this morning. We had to get up this early for the two hour drive to VA Shreveport for my pre-op visit and lab work. We were on I-20 heading East by 5:10am. We stopped for breakfast in Marshall, TX.


The sunrise was just outstanding as pictured here. The closer we got to Waskom, TX the smell of smoke was very evident. Through this area is where one of the large wildfires was a couple weeks ago. We hit the state line just before 8am and decided since my appointment wasn't until 9:30 we would drive over to one of the RV parks, Cash Point Landing off Highway 3 (Benton Road).


This park is a little over ten miles from VA. We took the 220 bypass and found the park without any problems. The park is a so-so park with gravel roads and grass pads with quite a few trees. Not sure how difficult it would be to find a satellite signal from the roof of the MH. Most antennas were ground mounted out away from the trees.

There is one thing about entering the road to the park from Highway 3 that Sandy and I had a little concern about which was the railroad crossing had a pretty good rise to it and we weren't sure if one would high center this in a 40ft motorhome.

While driving through the park we only noticed two motorhomes and they both were short wheelbase. The other RV's were either fifth wheels are pull behinds. The RRX may not be a problem but we decided not to take chance it and would stay at the RV Park at Diamond Jacks Casino. They are about $60 per week higher than Cash Point but with the RRX issue and with Diamond Jack being only three miles from VA I felt more comfortable with Sandy staying there rather than Cash Point. When we left the park the traffic going into Bossier City/Shreveport was a nightmare (bumper to bumper) all the way to I-20.

We arrived at VA around 8:45am checked in and waited in their waiting room. We weren't there very long and they called my name to report to the surgeon PA. When we walked into the room I sensed something was wrong as the PA had that look about her that just didn't look right to me. She said I hate to tell you this particularly with all the other delays you’ve experienced but due to a death in the surgeon's family last night he was flying to the Philippines to attend the funeral. Naturally my heart just fell to the bottom as I have been anticipating this nervously for the past four weeks and now another delay. I pulled up my Big Boy britches and decided to accept what ever date would be available after the surgeon returns. Besides you just don't want anybody cutting on you and when you do you want the best available.

We now have a tentative date of 10/20/11. They went ahead and did some of my pre-op while there so at least I won't have to drive back over for another pre-op. They will wait and do my lab work the day before my surgery.

Well I guess I will be back detailing and cleaning the home on wheels anticipating another date for the knife. We got back to Canton around 1pm and are in the process of finishing setting up our booth for sales this weekend.

Until next time . . . .MtnAire Travlers.


  1. I imagine waiting is the hardest part. But you are correct better to wait for the right guy.

  2. How disappointing for you. Now you'll get nervous all over again. :( What a pain!

  3. The doctor's PA could have called you as soon as she knew. All that way for nothing.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  4. Oh, I am so sorry! It is awful to dread something and then have it postponed and you have to go all through the dread again. I always believe things happen for a reason so we'll just go with that!! :-)
    Take care and maybe you won't have to wait too long.