Monday, September 19, 2011


wthr 918This is the weather system that blew in last night around 8pm. We finally had some heavy rain, lots of thunder and lighting. To be on the safe side we let down the Wineguard Trav'ler antenna. Glad we did as the winds were viscous. You could fell the motorhome just a rocking. Also we had several small tree limbs and a lot of leaves on the ground when we stepped outside this morning.

Last night's rain fall was a little over a 1.0. inch. It was a start toward cutting into our deficit and very much welcome. We may have a little more today. We’re 24 inches behind in rainfall this year, so it will take a lot of water to put a dent in that deficit. Any rain at all is better than nothing.

It hasn’t just been the lack of rainfall, the record high temperatures we've had all summer have dealt us a double-whammy, especially with regard to our lakes, rivers, and creeks. The drought in Texas is sort of a relentless disaster in slow-motion. Day after day of high heat and no rainfall has really taken its toll on the land not to mention all the horrible wild fires. On our way into Longview this morning for my Doctors' appointment you could here the trees and grass giving a big sigh of relief and crying for more. We're so thankful for the rain the good Lord sent our way.

I finally have a tentative date for my surgery at VA Shreveport. Check in Oct 5th and they will perform the surgery Oct 6. The surgeon said I probably will spend two days in ICU and 7 to 8 days in Hospital. This by no means is firm as he said it really depends upon the patient. Then I hopefully can come home can't drive or lift anything heavy for six weeks.

Until next time. . . .MtnAire  Travlers.

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  1. I'm glad Texas finally got some rain. If this brake problem ever gets fixed, I'll be on my way to near Houston.

    Good luck with the surgery.