Saturday, September 24, 2011

Getting Down To The Wire

I've been busy doing some of those chores of maintaining the home on wheels before my pending surgery on October 6th. Things like washing and cleaning the coach, washing the roof, applying 303 to all the roof vents and applying The Solution to the sides. Another reason for all this is to get my mind off the surgery and for these kind of chores I know I want be able to do for a while after my surgery.

We are at Canton now for the big fall show this next weekend. This show generally produces our largest crowd of the year. Let's hope there are buyers in amongst them as it's been awhile since we've had a good show.

We have checked out a couple of RV Parks near the VA Hospital and will stay at one so Sandy won't have that far to drive when she visits me. There is a nice RV Park at Diamond Jack Casino and another park about ten miles called Cash Point. We don't know which park yet but they beat the other alternative of driving back and forth to Lone Star which would be about 180 mile round trip. One of the pluses of having a home on wheels. Our plan is to check out Cash Point when we drive from Canton to Shreveport this coming Wednesday for a pre-op meeting and some lab work.

Another chore I did earlier in the week is to mow my BIL James three acres and our little spot. In the process of mowing I managed to knock down a old dead tree with the mowing tractor. The tree wasn't that big but when it fell I threw my left arm up to avoid being hit in the head. This really did a number on my left forearm and put a big bruise on the old noggin. I guess you can say this guy must be one big accident looking for a place to happen or a clumsy cluck. I believe both would be applicable. I know Sandy would agree that I fit both categories. When I walk into public places I get these stares like what happened to your arm??? I would take a photo but it does look gross.

Well I've managed to bore you to death with all my past and future events and will sign off until next time.....

MtnAire Travlers


  1. Staying busy is the best thing you can do when you are anxious about something. It always helps Mike and I. We are wishing you the very best and sending our thoughts and prayers your way!!

  2. We hope your surgery goes well and that you'll find a great park for Sandy to stay in. It would certainly be great to be close and to be able to stay in your home.
    You mentioned something called 303...what is that? Being fairly new at all this we are always looking for "tried and true" products to use.
    Take care, Kathy

  3. Your journal is anything but boring my friend. Here's hoping the surgery goes well and you are back shining that rig in no time.