Sunday, July 31, 2011

Two Big Projects Down And More To Come


Yesterday morning about 8:30 am I was setting outside enjoying the cooler morning and doing a little bird watching. I heard a scrapping noise coming from the front of the motorhome and I went to investigate. As I approached the front it was BIL James shoveling the area we were going to lay down the asphalt cold patch. I grabbed my shovel and began to shovel the asphalt into the section he had previously trenched out for his waterline. image

About midway through his phone ranged and it was the grass people advising they just had a big load of grass come in and did we want them to set aside a pallet. James said we weren't really looking for more grass but if they had a good price on it we might consider it. The guy on the other end said he would knock off $25 if we would pick it up today.

We hooked up the trailer and headed to Longview. Upon arriving we saw ten to twelve pallets of fresh Centipede grass. After talking with the owner we learned he had this brought in for a local landscape contractor and he never showed up. James being the negotiator that he is asked if he would cut us a better deal if we brought two pallets instead of the one and paid in cash. The owner thought a minute and said I really can't knock off anymore than the $25 per pallet. James then said okay just load the one pallet. The owner then said if we would take two pallets he would knock off $35 per pallet. Like I said "What a negotiator"!!! (Click photos to enlarge)


So, we came home to base with two pallets one in the trailer and the second on the bed of his truck. When we got to base we unloaded the pallets and said maybe we would attack the job of laying out the squares late that evening when it would be cooler. As I set in the motor home I set looking at the two pallets of grass and couldn't stand it anymore and went outside and laid down just about one pallet by myself.


This is what one and three-quarters of pallets added to our coverage. The remaining grass will be used to extend the width of the  sides. Evidently the landscape contractor was a no show today as the owner called James this afternoon and said he would really make us a good deal on the grass. Naturally we declined as we feel the area we have covered will suffice for now. Besides it is so darn hot we don't want to be outside anyway. I cant imagine what the water bill will be this month.









Until next time. . . .MtnAire Travlers.


  1. I suppose now you'll have to buy a lawn mower! :)

  2. That is just beautiful grass! Makes the place really nice! I suppose Judy is you must buy a lawn mower! Its worth it!! :-)