Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Break In Our Weather Pattern........

Sandy and I were up at 5am this morning for our 65 mile trip to Tyler. I had an appointment at the heart clinic for some blood test. We checked in about 30 minutes before my appointment and were out of there in little under one hour.

We headed back to Longview for some grocery shopping at Walmart. Afterwards we had lunch with her sister Pam. We headed back to Lone Star about 2pm and on the way we saw some pretty nasty looking weather to our Northeast. I told Sandy we probably won't get a drop of rain out of it as we have seen systems similar to this and nothing never materialized……well  little do I know.


We got home about 3pm and unloaded our groceries before Sandy went over to her Mom's to get her ready for fish night at the "All you can eat catfish place". Once a week Sandy's brother James takes his Mom out for fish. Just after Sandy left the wind picked up and it really looked bad .

Before I could get out to let our window awing's in the bottom dropped out. We had a very nice rain shower for about 45 minutes and it felt so good to see it coming down providing the much needed moisture for our area. We are so thankful for not only the rain but for the much cooler weather. Our temp never quite reached the 100 degree mark but our heat index did climb to 102 just before the system rolled in. It's amazing how everything looks so clean after a rain storm. Even the trees and what little grass we have appeared to look so much cleaner and alive. We no longer have dust around us..... mud yes,  but we won't complain as we finally received some much needed rain.

This was our sunset tonight on our way home from eating fish. Yes, we decided to join them tonight as her cousin from Georgia on their way back from a 49 day Alaska trip in their 5’ere had dropped by for a visit.

Until next time. . . .MtnAire Travlers.

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