Friday, July 15, 2011

Phase II ….. Our Grass Has Expanded

About noon today Sandy's brother James called and asked "How about some more grass?" He further went on to say the grass people had just called and they were holding a pallet of Centipede grass for him. Unbeknown to us he had ordered the pallet the same time he put down the half pallet  the latter part of May while we were in Canton.

Naturally we both were surprised and a little concern about paying for it right now particularly being faced with that big jump in the cost of our Motorhome tags. He said not to worry as we could reimburse him later. So, off he goes with his trailer to pick up the grass. No more than ten minutes after he left he called and asked us to join him at Big Dave's BQ which is in Diana TX about 22 miles south of Lone Star and 18 miles from the grass place in Longview. We joined him for some excellent BQ sandwiches and pork ribs.

After lunch he went for the grass while Sandy and I returned to Lone Star to do some more leveling of the areas where we would put down the new grass. About 2pm James drove up with the trailer load of grass. He positioned the trailer so we could tackle the job tomorrow morning while it was cooler.

I be dang no more than setting down to do some jawing James jumped up and started pulling grass squares off the pallet. Naturally we could not just set there, so Sandy and I joined in laying down the squares. Before you could say "diddly squat" we had laid down all the new grass. Looks pretty good doesn't it! (Click on photo to enlarge)




James said this grass was in much better shape and greener than the half pallet he purchased at the beginning of the month. Our weather climbed back to the century mark today with a heat index of 106F. Not good for new grass but we will water it like we did the first phase and watch it grow..

Until next time. . . .MtnAire Travlers.


  1. Your site is really looking so nice. Wish I had a BIL like yours. Hope you health is doing OK - don't overdo it.

  2. How can I follow your travels? Don't see where to click. Tricia (aka NWlambear) I'll have to start working on my blog site again!