Thursday, July 28, 2011

Some Progress Reports

Sandy is improving everyday from her gallbladder and appendix surgery on the 20th. She still cant lift anything over 10lbs. She has started driving again so my services are no longer required in that area. I know she feels better when she is  behind the wheel instead of me. She's doesn't seem to be as nervous as she was when I was driving.


Chucks, I'm really going to miss driving her around. Instead of "Driving Miss Daisy" it's been "Driving Miss Sandy". We are hoping she will be released to all normal activities by her Doctor when we see him on the 4th.

The next progress report is on our new base location. We haven't done a lot since it's been so blasted hot and Sandy's surgery has sidelined my help. Our new grass is coming along just great. (Click on photos to enlarge)


I even mowed it for the first time today. With the leaves falling like they are now, due to our lack of rain, I've been busy raking them into piles in order to burn them when our burn ban is lifted.

Tropical Storm Don is expected to reach landfall sometime tomorrow evening near Corpus Christi. I'm afraid this is a little to far southwest and probably won't do us any good. We were hoping to get some benefit from the storm to break our heat and drought spell.

Today would have been our first day of sales had we gone to Canton First Monday. It's feels real strange we are not there but with it so darn hot we are glad to be at base under the shade of the large oak and cedar trees. Also our voltage here versus Canton is so much better. Our two A/C's struggle at Canton due to the low voltage at our site. Here they hum along without any strain whatsoever.


BIL James picked up some asphalt cold patch for filling in the area between our patio and driveway. We also will use it to patch up the driveway where he had to dig up when he laid the waterline. We hope to do this project this Saturday. With the threat of rain (which we really need) it may be postponed.




Each day we make a little more progress toward getting everything like we want it to be.

In retrospect we've come a long ways from the abandon home that use to set here back in April 2009 to today a RV base for our motorhome.image


Until next time. . . .MtnAire Travlers.


  1. Nice looking spot! That green lawn must take a lot of watering right now. :)

  2. Glad Sandy is feeling better every day and is beginning to add more of her "life" back into her schedule!
    Your spot looks very very nice! It is so pleasant and inviting. I can see many nice afternoon and evenings(oh heck...mornings too) sitting on that patio and just relaxing and enjoying!!
    Take care!