Monday, July 4, 2011

Thanks To James…. We've Got The Starting Of Grass


When we arrived at base from Canton we went through the normal procedure disconnecting the Jeep from the motorhome. Due to the way we pulled into the circular driveway we had  difficulty of disconnecting one of the Blue Ox tow arms. As I was walking to the side of the motorhome to get my sledge hammer I noticed where grass was around our patio. I called for Sandy to come around for a look and see. We both looked at each other and said...... "James" at the same time.


That BIL and brother James had gone out last Monday and purchased some Centipede grass squares. As you can see he  planted it round the edges of our patio. What a guy! We quickly called him and in toying around with us he said "it must have been that fairy gardener" Yes, magic he he has been a miracle worker in helping us getting settled into our new base.

As we can afford it we will do a little adding of squares. We also have some Centipede seeds that we will maybe plant on the south side later this summer. Will wait until it starts getting cooler.


This evening with all the weather systems near us the weather has managed to cool off significantly allowing us to set outside and enjoy the patio. May not have to water this evening as we have rain clouds coming from the Northwest..

James came over this evening and gave us a heads up that we may have a trailer load of oil dirt delivered tomorrow. We will use this to patch some areas of the driveway and the area where it has cracked away from our patio when we put it in. He also brought our first electrical bill $132.00 for the month of June. Little higher than we expected but its been so hot with our temps beating all kinds of records for June.


As we set here we can hear the rolling of thunder to the west. The wind has picked up from the Northeast and our temps dropped nearly 20 degrees. Just had a hummer come up to the feeders. Life is good!

Until the next time . . . .MtnAire Travlers.

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  1. just came across your blog and couldn't help but notice the profile picture... we just retired in March (I retired from Texas A&M University as a staff member) and started fulltiming... looks like the two of you have been at it for a while.