Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cement Will Now Be Delivered This Saturday


At the first of the week we were told by the cement company they would not deliver on Saturday unless they had a 50 yard minimum. Oh cr@# now what do we do as Juan and his crew have a regular job and only do jobs like ours on weekends. BIL James said he would check again today hoping they would have enough requests called in for Saturday delivery that would meet their 50 yard minimum. I understand why they have a minimum policy and our small 5 yard request would be very expensive for them to fill. So, we just will have to wait and hope for the best.

Great news James just called and said the cement company had enough orders for Saturday's delivery to meet their minimum. Since our name was on their first to call list a cement truck with our 5 yards would be here by 7am this coming Saturday. Boy, were we happy to hear this good news. So, he has informed Juan and they will be here around 6:30 am.

As I understand it should not take no more than two to two and half hours to do our two areas. After they finish, James has a small pad where he plans to build a small building for his water well and some patch work on one of his driveways. So, bar no glitches or rainy weather we should have our patio in place Saturday.

Speaking of weather we have had no rain what so ever since the middle of May. With the temps soaring above or near the 100 degree mark for the past ten days we are really dry. Grass is dead and leafs are beginning to fall from the trees. Things are so dry here the ground in some places is beginning to crack. Our area is nothing but powdered  sand and when you walk in it big puffs of dust appear. We don't want to put down any grass seed or squares until the weather changes. We may wait and put down some summer or winter rye grass just as soon as we can hoping this will get us through until next spring.


Yesterday morning Sandy and I painted our steps and re-carpeted the top and second step. We also replaced the two steps with treated 2x12 as the original steps were beginning to rot out. My handyman Mark built these for us about five years ago.

Sandy had her first hummer land on her feeder right outside the living room


window yesterday evening. Boy, was she excited. Since we moved our two bird feeders the birds are a little slow in discovering their new location. Or, it may be just to hot and our feathered friends have moved on.

We also wish to welcome our 45th blog followers Doyle and Terri Johnson. Great to have you join us.


Until next time. . . .MtnAire Travlers.

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  1. Wish we could trade you a little moisture for some of that heat but I guess we will both have enjoy what our own weather is.