Sunday, June 5, 2011

What Happened To Our Cooler Weather


We've seen the temperatures over a 100F for the past three days. Today's 105F has been the hottest. Our friends in Gladewater had what they believe to be a tornado hit their neighborhood yesterday evening knocking down trees and lifting shingles off some roofs. What was so weird about this is they had no warning as it just popped up. We could see thunderheads in that direction yesterday evening going to dinner.


We also have some more storms building up again in the North East and they appear to be moving our way. Maybe these might break this hot spell that has us in it's grips, okay with me as long as there is no bad weather.

Our June First Monday was a bummer. The crowds where here which really surprised me since it was so dog gone hot.


On an interesting note diesel at the Circle K Truck Stop on I20 jumped $0.30 a gallon yesterday. Friday evening it was $3.71 a gallon and last night we saw it at $4.01 per gallon. Now explain to me why a 30 cent a gallon jump in 12 hours. The price of a barrel of oil is still hanging around the $100 mark.


We got our brief rainfall around 7 pm and our temperature dropped to 76F. Where was this earlier when we needed it. The cooler weather was a welcomed sight and allowed for a cooler motorhome. Our voltage also is better with most vendors gone now. Our voltage meter shows 129V where for the past three days with all the loads on the system we were running 108V-112V with both A/C running. We switched our refrigerator over to gas during the marginal voltage period.

In the morning we will leave and will drive to our new home base. will post some pictures.

Until next time. . . .MtnAire Travlers.

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  1. That is quite a jump in diesel price....there is NO explaining a .30 jump in that short amount of time.
    It has been quite hot here as well. A little relief would be nice. At least you all got some rain. We haven't had the wet stuff in over a week. Everything is just browning out and drying up.