Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pulling Roots Brings A Little Surprise

Earlier this week Sandy said her right arm was broken out with several red splotches and it itched. After closer examination we believe it is Poison Oak. We feel the area where we were cutting and pulling roots earlier just might at one time been infested with Poison Oak.


James was over this afternoon and confirmed " yes indeed it was Poison Oak" and the area did have this vine growing in it before he scrapped the area with his tractor blade. So, we will now be a little more careful when out there pulling and cutting roots. Maybe long sleeve shirts and just making sure our skin does not come in contact with the root.

We have had to dumped our black water once in the three weeks we've been here and the gray water twice. This sure beats using the BlueBoy every four to five days. I will dump again tomorrow morning before we leave for Canton's First Monday Trade Days. We have no sewer or water where we park behind our booth. We manage pretty well considering we are there for eleven days. We pull over to the area where they have full hookups Sunday evening and dump before departing for our base Monday morning.


We still have hummers showing up at our passenger side window.This afternoon I got upon our roof and gave it a good washing. Boy was it dirty as this is the first time in a while I've been able to get up there and wash the roof myself. Afterwards Sandy and I washed it and I put on some of The Solution. This just about wiped me out mainly because of the high humidity we are having after our little rain the other day.


We’ve started to work on the areas where we hope to have our bird feeders and bird bath set up. We have looked into some stepping stones and bricks for this area. I've tried to sell Sandy in putting a small fountain somewhere in this area but still have some convincing to do. We have looked at some tables and chairs for our patio and let me tell you that stuff is not cheap.

Until next time. . . .MtnAire Travlers.


  1. Oh Sandy, that's just got to be miserable. I've never had poison ivy or oak but I don't want it. I hope you get rid of it quickly. Might have to get some of those long, goofy looking gloves!
    I agree about he outdoor tables and chairs...

  2. Oh my...I hope Sandy doesn't have an allergic reaction to the Poison Oak. That can be really rough! Take care.
    Humidity can really take your energy FAST. Drink plenty of water!