Thursday, June 2, 2011

We Now Have Full Hookups

Sandy's brother James called about 1:30pm today advising the electrical company had completed their work and we now have electricity. So, when we leave here Monday morning we will go to our new home base.

We are not moving that far but it sure is going to be great having full hookups. I just can't imagine how good its going to fill  not having to dump our black water every three to four days in the Blue Boy and haul it to the sewer clean out on the other side of the property. We now will be able to do a better job of flushing our holding tanks.


All I can say it is down right hot here at Canton. The weatherman is now saying we could see temperatures near 102F tomorrow. Right now it's 100F and inside the Pavilion with all the back drops it feels like it's 110F-113F. Our neighbors have one of those misting fans and wow does it make a big difference.

Its not even 3pm and several of the vendors around us have already closed up for the day. Our crowds are very small and I can't blame them for not coming here. If we had any sense we would be closed too. Just think this is only June and we have the hottest part of the summer still ahead of us. image

It won’t be long before Happy Hour and we may just have to set inside the motorhome instead of outside under the big awing. There are usually five to six of us that gather in the evenings after we close for the day. I  have a feeling tonight  just might be Mexican food at Robles. They are one of several Mexican Food Restaurants in the Canton area. I feel they have the best cheese enchiladas in town.

Sandy just walked in with the cash register so I guess we are closed for the day. Perhaps a early Happy Hour is in the making.

Until next time. . . .MtnAire Travlers.

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  1. It sure has been hot here as well. Mike said he read where our temps will be hovering near 100 this weekend. YUK! I just love those misting fans!
    Hope you enjoy your happy hour and dinner out!!