Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Big Change In Our Weather

The change in our weather has put a damper on my outside chores. Our weather has been very cold. It got down to 25 degrees last night and the weatherman is calling for a slight chance of snow or sleet tonight.

Up until Friday I had been doing cleaning and maintenance on the motorhome. I started applying Solution to the upper third of the motorhome and had to stop due to the rain the middle part of last week. Don't get me wrong I'm not complaining about our weather as we are grateful for every drop we get. I might say a lot of our creeks, stock tanks and smaller bodies of water have returned to pre drought levels. Our larger lakes are still down below their normal.

I did get the task of treating both slide out gaskets with 303 protectant. I do this twice a year to keep them in good shape and provide UV protection. Since it is hard for me to get up on the roof, I have Sandy let the slide outs in about two thirds of the way. This allows me to use my 12ft ladder and puts the top gaskets within arms reach.

I pour some 303 into a small container and use a sponge brush to apply the protectant. I guess I need to clarify here.....we do not have slide out toppers. Sometimes I wish we had them and then there are times I'm glade we don't particularly during high winds, snow or icy conditions. I've read where to many have had to let their slides in due to the noise the toppers create in high winds.

My next task was to change our house water filter and water pressure regulator. Our water pressure had suddenly went to practically nothing and I suspected these to be the culprits. Sure nuff after I changed them out our water pressure returned to normal. When I tapped on the regulator quite a few calcium deposits fell out.
My next project is to drain and flush our hot water heater when our weather warms up a bit. My friend Mark help me do this the last time when we were at Cowtown RV park outside Fort Worth in November 2010. This will also give me a chance to see what kind of condition my anode rod is in.

Until next time. . . .MtnAire Travlers.


  1. Did you install a new water pressure regulator or just tap the calcium out of the old one? I'm wondering if I need to replace my regulator.

  2. You know I need to check my HWH too. I got most all the coach done...just a little on the drivers side. Being under cover does help me but when it gets real cold I don't enjoy climbing up on the ladder and doing those type of things. I will need to get me some of that 303. Did you get it at Camping World?

    Joe and Sherri