Monday, February 13, 2012


imageOvernite we had ourselves a little over 1/2" of sleet. This is the system that has finally just about worked its way through Lone Star. The sleet did not stick to our roads but it was quite evident on the ground, on our Jeep and our steps. The steps were very treacherous as we stepped outside this morning. Sure was glad we have a handle near our door entry otherwise I might have found myself bouncing out the door.

We had a couple of earns to run over in Dangerfield where we picked up at the grocery store the makings for white chicken chili soup. This with a pan of Sandy's cornbread will make a perfect meal for the kind of weather we are having today.

BIL James dropped by for a visit and advised he may have found a portable building 16ft x 32ft. He's been in the market for something on this order to move on his land for storage and a man cave.
The building already has plumbing with a small bathroom and electrical wiring in place. It was built in 2006 and built on rails therefore making it portable for moving. All we need is to find a house moving company to move it provided the present owner accepts our counter offer.

As for the man cave we are talking on the lines of a large screen TV, appropriate man cave furniture and with a large refrigerator for keeping cold drinks and snacks. Now if we can only convince the lady folks this is what we need. I personally think its a good thing as it will keep the men folks out of their hair.

On another note we received January's Verizon air card bill and had a heart stopping moment. The bill was $193 which is about three times what we've been paying for the past two and half years for the 5120MB. We have never exceeded the allocated amount. In fact normally leave data on the table each billing cycle.

Upon examination of our data usage they showed we had gone over the allocated 5120MB by nearly 2500+MB . The strange thing about this is Sandy checks our data usage at least three times a week. The info on line did not show the excessive usage even up until three days prior to the ending of the monthly data allowance bill cycle. It showed our usage was well below the allotted data amount.

In fact we even received an email from Verizon stating with three days before the bill cycle ended we had used only 50% of our allotted data. Any way after discussing this with Verizon they had no explanation as to why the excessive data occurred They did agree to adjust our bill accordingly and we thank them for that.

Until next time. . . .MtnAire Travlers.

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  1. Someone would have had to hack into your site and used that much. You did not get any updated window programs that might have been downloaded automatically? I guess you would have noticed that. We have DSL now and dropped Verizon. We will have to count on free WIFI when we stay out now.

    Joe and Sherri