Friday, February 17, 2012

What A Strange Start To Our Day and Barksdale AFB

Sandy and I were up by 5:30am in anticipation of our trip to Barksdale AFB with her sister Pam and BIL Mike. As we were exiting the motorhome I noticed behind us a strange car parked on our side of the driveway entrance. I asked Sandy did she recognize the car and she said no she's never seen it before. It was still pretty dark so I decided to walk over to see who it might be. As I drew near I could tell it appeared no one was in the vehicle. I came back and Sandy was talking on her cell phone to her brother James. He said he didn't know why the car was there and we should call the police.

I didn't want to do this so we drove around to the the drivers side of the vehicle. I got out and tapped on the drivers side window. I saw a male figure raise up from the front seat and turned the ignition on to roll down the window.  He was a young man in his early thirties. I asked him what he was doing in my driveway and did he realize he was on private property. He replied he wasn't aware of this and was just tired and sleepy. He said he pulled in about 2am this morning. I asked him if perhaps he might have had to much to drink. He said no just tired. I told him he needed to move on and this he did. As he drove off we both said......"What a strange start to our day."

After he left we noticed there were pretty dark looking clouds to our west. Sandy looked at her weather app on her IPhone and what we saw heading our way was a storm system.. Oh nooooo  looks like our trip to Shreveport might get rained out. We saw the storm was tracking more northeast and just might miss Shreveport. So, off we headed to Longview to meet up with Pam and Mike.

On our way we ran into several popup showers but decided we would continue on. We stopped at the Whataburger and had breakfast. After we ate it was about thirty minutes before we were to be at Pam and Mikes home. I asked Sandy if we should call them to let them know we were headed their way. She called and got no answer. I said I hope they are not on their way to join up with us in Lone Star.  Originally our plans were for them to pick us up at the motorhome. We changed plans last night as I needed to check the Post Office to see if my medicine from VA was in.

Lady luck was on our side. Just as we turned on to their street who do we see........them in their Toyota. We stopped and asked them where were they headed. Yes, you got it they were on their way to Lone Star to pick us up. They had forgotten our conversation last night. Now who has memory problems they are much younger than us.

We finally got our act together and headed out to Shreveport about 9:15am. As we were running down I-20 I over heard Sandy and her sister talking about perhaps they would prefer  we drop them off at the shopping strip center off Youree Drive and us guys go on to Barksdale without them.

This strip center has the usual stores that women enjoy shopping at like Bed Bath & Beyond, TJ Max, Target and many more. So, as they wished we dropped them off and said we would be back in about two hours to pick them up. After dropping them off Mike and I headed to Barksdale AFB which was about eight miles from where we were. So far we've had no rain just over cast skies.

I didn't know this at the time but in order to get on the base you had to have a Military ID. Mike being retired Navy after 24 years had one and we drove right in after showing his ID to the gate guard.
Well I see I've managed to ramble way to long so we will have to cover our tour of the base in a later post. I might add it was a great two hour tour of the museum  and static aircraft displays on the Airpark.


Until next time. . . .MtnAire Travlers.

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