Monday, July 9, 2012


Finally had a nice rain last evening that really cooled things off. This was our first measurable rainfall in a while. In fact things were beginning to look like last summer during the drought. Small ponds, creeks and our lake under Hwy 259 are just about drying up.

It's strange areas around us have had good amounts of rain but for some reason the systems seem to split up and go west and east of Lone Star. BIL James says that's because of all the iron ore we have in the area. I know he is pulling my chain but something is causing these systems to go around us. We were in Longview Saturday and they had a nice rain Friday night and it rained most of the day we were in Longview. When we arrived back in Lone Star we didn't have a drop of moisture even though the system came out of Arkansas and Louisiana.

We have staked the eight posts that will support the RV cover for the motorhome. Their will be four on each side about 21ft apart. The patio will be about half covered with the roof panels. This will be nice as we won't have to let the big awing out as much.

Sandy and I visited the Mueller Steel plant over in Kilgore last week and got prices on the roof panels, gutter system and an idea what kind of lead time they would need to fill our order. We also looked at colors and could not come to any conclusion. We did learn it will require 22 panels per side to cover the 24ft x 65ft shelter for the home. We learned they have no standard lengths of roof panels they'll do any length required. It looks like we will go with 13ft lengths which will give us about a foot overhang per side. We will run gutters on both sides. With the roof over the motorhome we won't be able to use our roof mounted Satellite dish. We will have to use a ground mount or mount a dish to one of the support posts.

We chose the U-panel design which is a nice looking panel with these benefits:

Up to a 30-Year Limited Paint Warranty
A Wide Range of Designer Colors
Hail Resistant – Underwriters Laboratories Class-4 Rating
Fire Resistant
Wind Resistant up to 140 mph
Practically Maintenance Free
26-Gauge - Commercial Grade Steel
Energy Efficient
Greater Life Expectancy
Outstanding Durability
Possible Insurance Savings

Boy as hot as its been we will be so glade to have this project behind us. Since BIL James trimmed the limbs of the huge oak tree that use to overhang the motorhome, our A/C's really have to work hard to keep it comfortable inside.

Until next time. . . .MtnAire Travlers.

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  1. Nice! Having the RV cover will make a huge difference and it will certainly look fantastic!
    It has been terribly hot here for the past couple weeks...triple digits! We are so ready for this heat wave to move on!!