Monday, July 9, 2012

Installing a 32" 1080p LED HDTV

We've been wanting to upgrade our 26" LCD HDTV to a larger size. The new 32" LED 1080p HDTV dimensional wise ( 29.1" x 17.5" x 3.7" without the stand ) would fit between the two cabinet doors perfectly. All we needed to do was find a good way to install it to the false wall we added to the TV cabinet about three years ago for retrofitting to the 26" TV.


While on one of our visits with friends at Canton several months ago they showed me how their 32" TV was wall mounted in their travel trailer.They used a Dynex TV wall mount that allows you to mount two mounting arms to the back and clip them on the wall rail. When you need to remove the TV you pull down on two straps that releases the TV from the bottom rail. You then raise up the TV and while still resting on the top wall rail you disconnect the wiring and then lift the TV off the top rail.

Note here:
To be on the caution side when traveling we force two nerf balls between the back of the TV and the false wall. This not only adds some support, it also assures a cushion as the TV will bounce a little due to the mounting method. Once we get to where we are traveling to we simply remove the nerf balls before watching TV.


So, after all this investigation and measuring we went out and purchased a 32" Samsung UN32EH5000 (Black) LED HDTV with 1080p. We had very little problems mounting the wall bracket to the false wall inside the old TV cabinet. I did have to cut out another opening in the false wall to allow all the cables and wiring to be connected to the back of the TV.

Because the HDMI cable slots where on the side of the TV I had to notch out the side of the cabinet to allow them to clear the box. It doesn't look that bad and the average person entering will probably never notice it. If they do well......


This new Samsung 32" LED HDTV weighs only 12.6lbs and 3.7" in depth. Not only does it look nice mounted it delivers an excellent picture. If you look real close at the bottom of the TV you can see the two release straps.Oh by the way I'm using the 26" LCD HDTV in one of my outside bays. I would like to mount this to somewhat a slideout tray or turntable. Not real sure what to do here. I just may put it in the bay that has a slideout tray and let it set on the floor of the tray when watching TV and lay it down when traveling.

Until next time. . . .MtnAire Travlers.

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