Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Things Are Progressing Right Along

We left base Sunday hoping by being out of the way things would start happening with respect to our RV Port. It must have worked as we received a call yesterday from BIL James wanting us to order the material for the metal roof and have it ready for pickup this Thursday Aug 2nd. He said he wanted to take advantage of our not being there to complete the project before we return next Monday Aug 6th. I called the order in to Mueller and since they do not stock their roof panels by any particular length it would take a week to process the order. Bummer!

The salesman said he would try to rush it but felt the order would not be ready until early next week. So, we may have to boon dock for a couple of days while the roof panels go up. James said they would have the roof pipe trusses and the C-Purlins in place toward the end of the week. The colors we selected are Light Stone roof panels with Saddle Leather Brown trim and gutters. We'll paint the support posts to match the Saddle Leather Brown.

We will be sooo glad to get this project behind us. Looking forward to reducing the direct sun off the motorhome plus the other advantages. Maybe the A/C's won't have to work as hard particularly with the three digit temperatures we are having this week and it appears there will be no let up.

Another plus this roof is going to give us is our patio will be covered nearly two-thirds by the roof. This way we will not have to deploy our large awning and just maybe eliminating any additional damage due to storms with high winds.

Not sure what this is going to do with our ability to get DIRECTV with the roof satellite. We're hoping with the 16ft walls and 20ft peak in the middle we just might get lucky. I suspect we will have to go with either a ground mount or support post mounted dish.

imageOn another front I finally got around to getting Sandy her Breville Smart Oven for our 36th wedding anniversary we celebrated last month. We picked it up at Bed & Bath (aka those who know me Bird & Bath) at a great price with their store 20% off coupon. Now let me tell you this oven is one smart dude and cooks things great.


The 1800 watt countertop oven does the thinking for you. Automatically adjusts the independent heating elements ensuring an exact cooking process. It has 9 menu functions suggest the ideal temperature and time, and the oven remembers them for the next use. Toasts evenly, makes delicious cookies, bakes perfect pizza, and roasts succulent meat.
The convection option speeds your cooking time by as much as 30%. We have also noted the oven does not heat up the home like the Cuisinart she use to use. Sandy just loves it! We don't use our convection oven as often either. I should say she as I do very little cooking myself.

Until until time. . . .MtnAire Travlers.

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