Tuesday, July 10, 2012

That Iron Ore Story May Have Something To Do With It After All

Maybe that iron ore statement made by BIL James as to why these storm systems skirt around Lone Star has some truth in it after all.


Here are a series of several storm systems that came our way on Monday July 9th out of the north heading south. None of these systems captured on screen at the different times left a drop of rain here in Lone Star. The systems simply rolled around our area.


Sandy's sister Pam who lives in Longview about 36 miles south of us had one of these systems roll through about 3:30pm dropping about 3" of rain with a lot of thunder and lighting with very strong winds. They lost electricity and their phone line for about two hours.

BIL James called Sandy about 7pm that evening advising there was a strong storm headed our way with quarter size hail, strong winds with rain, lighting and thunder. We went outside let all the small awnings in, tied things down on the patio and pulled the Jeep under one of the large cedar trees.

A little after 8pm the system had divided with the bulk of the storm going west of our area and the other going east of the area. We did manage a very light sprinkle but nothing like the weatherman predicated. Naturally we prefer not to have the bad storms but one would think with all these systems rolling our way we would have received a little measurable rain. Oh well maybe soon as the weatherman is giving us a 50% to 60% chance of rain the next few days.

Until next time. . . .MtnAire Travlers.


  1. That happens a lot to us here in Smiths Falls, Ontario too. We see a system coming in and it either dissipates or it divides and goes north and south of us. I've even seen it go around us and join up on the other side of us so that we're alone in a circle. Very strange!

  2. Just as an aside it was 3 degrees hotter here today than in Big Bend, TX.