Friday, August 27, 2010

Can’t Believe This Weather!


We were up at dark-thirty and headed out at 6am this morning. The air outside was crisp and with a little wind it felt just great! In fact the temperature this morning was 63F. This is the first time in awhile we have driven in no daylight. We could see the nearly full moon and it felt just like fall. Their was a small layer of fog in the low lying areas. As the sun begin to come up it was just beautiful. When one gets in this kind of weather you  fell rejuvenated with energy. Going from our normal 80-85 degrees in the mornings to 63F is quite a temperature change.


The new hog panel fence my BIL put up is doing its job. As you can see it’s keeping the wild hogs from getting into the feed area. Their is an automatic feeder that disperses corn for the deer who can jump the fence. They do not entrap the deer as they are free to come and go as they please. This just happens to be the way most avid hunters  here in Northeast Texas do it. Being from the city I have never hunted. I will join my BIL this hunting season at their deer camp for the sole purpose of shooting pictures only. Besides being right handed I couldn’t site in on one anyway due to the very poor vision in my right eye.

Sandy and I are headed to Dallas tomorrow morning to visit The Apple Store. Ever since I downloaded the 4.0 update on my 3G Iphone it really locks up more. Maybe we’ll also visit the nearby Camping World to see if there just might be something we can’t live without.

Until next time…MtnAire Travlers.


  1. I'd be like Weldon, shooting with a camera and not a rifle! I don't think I could ever kill a deer even with 2 good eyes. Besides, I wouldn't be able to hit it anyway!!

  2. Beautiful sunrise! I'm with you on "shooting" on the only for me too!
    I love the smell in that Apple Store! K

  3. I do believe fall is right around the corner and I think we have ALL earned this new cooler weather. :-)
    Hope you get all things fixed with the Iphone and enjoy your shopping trip to Camping World.

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)