Thursday, August 5, 2010

There Is Deer In Them Their Woods


Yes, it looks like on BIL’s James and David’s deer lease they may be able to harvest some pretty good size bucks this season. This picture was taken on 7/29 with their game camera and it looks like one is at least a ten point and the smaller a eight point. I can tell dear season is drawing closer as both of their necks (BIL’s) are beginning to show signs of swelling and they are in the woods ever chance they get. Since they have added the heavy duty hog fence panels they have had no more problems with the wild hogs getting into their feeder area. They were out their over the past weekend filling up their feeders with corn and were able to harvest some wild hogs.

When we returned from Canton Monday we had the motorhome inspected and filled with propane. It held 18 gallons so we are  in pretty could shape for the rest of the year. Afterwards we drove over to the bank in Mt. Pleasant where the actual temperature was 107. You don’t stay out in this weather very long. Tuesday morning I was up and outside mowing the three acres by 7am. The grass hasn’t grown as fast with the heat and no rain  but surprisingly it was still pretty tall.

Yesterday UPS delivered my 7ft two sided folding ladder and I had forgotten just how heavy this dude was. Sandy will have to assist me in getting this thing set up for use. My friend Mark with Rving with Poppa has one and I’m sure he has no problems being  younger than myself. I do love it though as it takes up very little space in my bay and allows me to reach the crown of the motorhome without getting on the roof. Now if I can only remember how Mark mounted his ladder???

Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.


  1. When you have a chance take a picture of the new ladder so we can see how it looks and folds. Where did you all purchase it?

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  2. what does wild hog taste like? Chicken? :>)
    Have you guys camped the Rockport Tx area? We might winter camp there one of these years. Stay happy!

  3. Sorry, Weldon. We aren't much in favor of "harvesting" wild hogs and bucks kept in a penned area. But then again, there are probably some folks who don't cotton to some of our ways either. Everybody to his own style and preferences. It's a free country.