Thursday, August 26, 2010

Is Autumn Maybe Here?

Our temperatures the past several days have been in the low 90’s instead of the 100-105F we’ve experienced this August. The lower humidity even makes you want to stay outside longer. Our winds are out of the Northeast and our lows for the rest of the week is suppose to be in the low to mid seventies. Enough about what appears to be autumn approaching.

Right now we just need some rain. We’ve had no measurable rain so far this month and you can really tell it. The lake level is down 3-4ft, grass is dying and leafs are falling from the trees.

Good news! My VA doctor finally signed my release for the cataract surgery and I will have it done in Tyler on September 7th. This will be after Canton’s First Monday and I feel a lot better about it than the previous schedule I had the later part of July. Since the 7th is on a Tuesday after Canton weekend, we will drive over to Tyler Monday morning and stay at a RV Park. This way we want have that far to drive.

We are getting the motorhome ready to head for Canton first thing in the morning. We will have everything done this evening where all we have to do Friday morning is let the slides in, air up and pull the power plug. I guess since this is our only traveling here lately we both are kind of excited about going and Canton weekend. Maybe its the cooler weather.  Also our crowds should be getting better each month as the fall shows is where you makeup for all those slow summer months shows.

Here are some more photos taken at the Texas Music Hall of Fame in Carthage earlier this month (click on photos to enlarge).
image image imageimage

Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.

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  1. Congratulations on getting the release for your cataract surgery. We will be thinking about you!
    I agree on time for summer to pass. Our grass is dying and ponds are looking low on water too.
    Take care and be safe.
    Mike & Gerri