Friday, August 20, 2010

A Day Trip To Carthage TX - Home Of Texas Country Music Hall Of Fame


When we were at the VA sleep apnea clinic last Monday there was a couple from Henderson, TX  whose husband was been retested. In conversation the lady mentioned there was an HEB store in Carthage which is about an hours drive from us. Sandy nearly fell out of her chair with excitement as HEB was her favorite grocery store when we lived in Austin, TX.

On return home I asked Sandy if she wanted to go to Carthage as it was only 34 miles from Shreveport. She said she would prefer to make it another day and invite her sister Pam to go with us sooo yesterday was that day.

We both got up early and headed to Longview to pick Pam up. We first stopped at the Whataburger for our breakfast.  We then drove to Pam's home where she was outside awaiting our arrival.
We where off by 8am and drove the 39 miles to Carthage. Upon our arrival we drove around town checking thugs out. Lots of old homes and neat shops around the square.

We then headed to HEB and what a surprise! It was a very small store and did not have all the things one expects from HEB. In fact the Walmart next door was probably one of the smallest we've seen in a while. Sandy and Pam were a little disappointed to say the least. My feelings were its a small town and would not have the big stores like in Austin and Fredericksburg.

After a quick trip through the store we headed back to find The Texas Country Mimageusic Hall Of Fame and Tex Ritter Museum. The museum  honors those who have made outstanding contributions to country music and were born in the state of Texas.This includes singers, songwriters, disc jockeys and others. Click on photos to enlarge.



The museum is a large multi-purpose room, and a gift shop comprise the major areas of interest within the facility. The multi-purpose room can be configured to serve as a lecture hall or a dining room. The museum contains informational panels that cover each inductee's career and accomplishments through text, photographs,and artifacts. For more info click here.

The 2010 inductees are George Jones, Al Dexter and Ray Winkler.

image The wall of inductees
imageHere are just a few of the information panels I took photos of (click to enlarge).
image image
image image image I have many more but want bore you with them now.

Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.


  1. Well even though the HEB store as well as Wal-Mart was a disappointment it seems the trip to the Texas Country Music Hall of Fame was a hit.

    Great pics!!

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  2. What is a Whataburger store? Burgers for breakfast sounds good though...:>)

  3. Gosh I miss Texas! and WHATABURGER!Lived there for 20 years and somehow once you become a Texan you're always a Texan. I think it's a pride thing, evident in how they honor their own. Nice pics. K