Saturday, August 28, 2010

Our Trip To “Big D”

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We were up at 5:45am this morning for our trip to the Apple Store in Dallas. We left the motorhome at 6:45am as we wanted to eat breakfast somewhere along the way. The morning was just great a cool 65F and not a cloud anywhere to be seen. The sunrise wasn't to shabby either. We chose Whataburger for breakfast and each had a sausage B.O.B (Breakfast on a Bun). (click on pictures to enlarge)


We were on our way before 7:30am and headed west on I20 toward Big D. Sandy, the night before went on her GPS on her Iphone 3GS and put in the address for the Apple Store in the Northpark Mall off of North Central Expressway. The GPS said the drive was 65.6 miles one hour thirteen minutes. Gosh our appointment with Apple wasn’t till 10 am “What to do?” Sandy said lets go ahead to the Mall anyway as I under stand it’s huge with  lots of fancy and expensive stores. Gulp! now I’m in real trouble. They have every imaginable store that ladies just love to walk around in and shop. I replied only if we leave the check book and credit cards at home. I picked myself off the floor and we were on our way.


Yes, they did have those fancy department and women's stores, Two levels of them. I was a little shocked as they all appeared to be the kind you would find in NYC. Let’s see Tiffney & Company, Neiman Marcus, Macy’s, Fossil, Williams Sonoma, Coldwater Creek, Dillard's, Nordstrom’s just to name a few. Of course when we arrived at about 8:30 most were not opened… Yea! We decided to walk the Mall for exercise and just see what was their. Yes, we walked and walked and low and behold we came up on the Apple  Store and they were open.  image

This is our first ever visit to a Apple Store and boy were we impressed. When we walked in we were greeted by one of the Apple Tech’s (Ben).
This guy really knew is product and explained the app ISO 4.0 was just to much of a download for the 3G phone and it would lock up time to time. How about a 4.0 Iphone he said, I told him before we do that that lady over at the Ipad display will someday probably get one of those.


While I wondered through the store looking at all the MAC, Iphone 4.0 cell phones Sandy was over visiting the Ipad display. What a machine. I joined in on the conversation and this Ipad sure had a lot of features and someday maybe we can have one in our family. After visiting the store for about an hour and a half we wondered around in the rest the rest of the Mall,  Found a Food Court which was surprisingly small for a Mall like this. We found a  Chickfla and got us a drink. We then walked down to the Williams Sonoma and passed this water fountain which had small turtles and ducks in the water.
imageOverall we had a good trip and I had no worry with Sandy other than she said “I would love to go back.”

imageUntil next time….MtnAire Travelers. 

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  1. I'm jealous that you got to go to the Apple Store. It's like a wonderland in there! It's almost like a store out of the Jetson's cartoon with all the technology at your fingertips. K