Monday, October 11, 2010

Finally We Are Blessed With Much Needed Rain


It's been over six weeks since this area has received measurable rain fall. We were 17" below our normal rain fall for this time of the year. Our lakes, streams, stock tanks and creeks are way down. But, today the good Lord has blessed us with a good steady rain that has gone on now for several hours. Probably not enough to return these water reservoirs and supply sources to normal but for what we receive we're very grateful.

We came into town today to to pick up supplies for ourselves and Sandy’s mom. Boy did it rain! You could barley see across the highway from Chick-fil-a where we met Sandy’s sister Pam and her husband Mike for lunch.. They have a new spicy chicken sandwich which was great. 

 image Due to the down pour of rain we were able to get in a good visit with them while eating our sandwiches. They were in Georgetown, TX over the week end for Mike’s 35th high school reunion. We also learned that he might consider retiring from full time pastoring to maybe part time. I told him he should consider retiring completely and get them some sort of an RV and travel the 48 states while he’s still young and has his health. On our way back to Lone Star the bottom fell out on us about halfway to the motorhome.


Driving as you can see was tricky and in several places we hydroplaned which in the Jeep is quite scary. Sorry for all the photos and words dealing with the rain but as I stated early it’s been so long since our last rain that this was an event for us.

One would think this being my 100th blog (whoopee) for this year I would find or do something else that would be more exciting. But, what you see and read is the best I can do for now.

Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.

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