Friday, October 22, 2010

What A Special Day and What A Grand Event


Yesterday morning Sandy and I were up at 4:20am. We pulled out at 5:15am and headed south on Hwy 259 to Henderson where we stopped for breakfast at Whataburger. They remodeled the place about a year ago and their theme for the inside was electric guitars and surfboards.

It wasn't long before sunrise and the trip to Rosemont took four hours. When we went into moms room she was napping imageand when she awoke what a surprise.
Dren my sister arrived shortly afterwards and Sandy and her proceeded to help mom get dressed for her big day.


  What a day it was. We had 23 people who showed up to help mom celebrate this special day. The facility at Rosemont fixed a wonderful meal for everyone. You had a choice of either Salisbury Steak or Cranberry Chicken with potatoes, carrots and rolls.

Her 93rd birthday celebration started shortly after lunch where she was presented a great cake and we all singed Happy Birthday.image
The Blasingame (their maiden name) girls Waden, Joan and Barbara were responsible for organizing and getting this great event together for all family and friends.  They have always shown and given so much love to mom. We are so grateful for them. Of course my sister Dren, who is the primary care taker for our mother, was also involved and she brought that wonderful cake.

All good things must come to an end. Most guests headed their separate ways about 2pm. My sister, Sandy and I stayed and had dinner with her before heading out back to Lone Star around 6pm. Before leaving though Sandy wanted to make that stop at the HEB her favorite grocery store to pick up some item's you don’t find at other stores.


What a day we all had. We sure were glad we were headed West as the East bound traffic was bumper to bumper. We arrived at the Motorhome at 11:30pm.
We were up a 6 am this morning and was on the road to Canton by 7am. When we pulled into the parking lot we knew right away this was going to be a good first Monday crowd. There were about five 5er’s already here and they had about six spaces blocked off for future arriving friends. We just hope the weather holds up and if it does this First Monday will probably be bigger than last month. Our friends Mark and Dortha from Ft Worth hopefully can make it here Sunday before going to the RGV.

What about them Texas Rangers!!!!!!!!! First World Series ever.


Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.


  1. 93 -WOW, Happy Birthday to your mom.

    We really like the HEB stores and always use them when we can find them.

  2. Your Mom is an incredibly young looking 93! Happy Birthday to her - and many more!

    Great looking Birthday Cake too and it sounds like you all had a fun party. It brought back some great memories for me as my Grandmother lived to 102 yrs. old was sharp as a tack and loved her birthday parties!

    How 'bout them Rangers!! Congrats on getting to the World Series. I'm kind of hoping the SF Giants get in too as the Phillies won it all just a few years ago. Time for someone new this year.

  3. What a beautiful celebration for a grand lady!
    Having lived in the DFW area for 20 years I too appreciate the HEB grocery almost as much as Publix in FL!
    I'll be screaming GO RANGERS! from here in San Francisco.. Blessings Y'all!

  4. Happy Birthday to your Mom. It looks like she had a great time with all her kids around her. Thanks for sharing and Go Rangers!!!