Thursday, February 11, 2010

Houston… We Have Snow In Lone Star TX


  Yep! as I post this journal we have a pretty good snow fall here in northeast Texas. This is our fourth snowfall since we retired to this area ten years ago. At the rate it is falling  now I’m sure we will have a pretty good accumulation by this afternoon. I’ve called my SIL Pam in Longview and asked her if she wanted to drive up and make snow angels and snowmen. She said she would pass. My BIL James has a dually Dodge truck with four wheel drive and he said later this evening if it keeps this up he will grab some chains and head out towards I-30 to earn a little money pulling people who drive crazy in this stuff out of the ditches. If it does keep this up I will post some more pictures for my family down south of here.

Yesterday we took a drive into Longview and on our wayimage in we finally stopped at an old cemetery we’ve passed a hundred times to learn a little about its history. The Cemetery was the Old Coffeeville Cemetery. Coffeeville is a ghost town in Upsure County, East Texas. It hosted a Civil War training camp, but after the war it was bypassed by the Southern Pacific railway. Most of the grave markers were so old you could not make out the information on them. Those that you could see seem to be dated in the mid 1800’s and tied to the Civil War.

  image Over all I bet there wasn’t but 25-30 grave markers in the cemetery. One particular one stood out as perhaps the oldest in the plot. This was just a pile of rocks and the head stone was just a large rock with no markings. We also found a Walker grave marker which is Sandy’s maiden name. May have to do a little ancestry search to see if they are part of the Walker clan. image

After this stop we drove to the AT&T Wireless store to look at cell phones. Sandy’s 2 year contract was up and she said I could use her renewal date to up grade my Go Phone which replaced the Motorola phone I dropped in the water bucket when doing the floors sometime back.

Well guess what with all the smart phones now you have to take out a data plan which costs between $20-$30. So, Instead of getting one of these I told Sandy to go ahead an update her Iphone 3G to the 3GS and I would take her old 3G. We are now a Iphone family. We set around last night playing and adding Apps to our phones. I guess when you are retired and have incumbent weather like we are having this winter there’s nothing better than a family jam session of the Ol Iphones. Didn’t mean this to be so long and probably boring to most  but unlike those who are in the Southwest part of America there just not a lot going on. Other than the snow of course which by the way has really accumulated. Maybe 4”-6” before its over.

Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.

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  1. I am at Lake Conroe, 40 miles north of Houston, and we haven't seen any snow yet. Only rain, just lucky I guess.
    Happy Trails, Keep warm, Penny, TX