Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Day At VA Shreveport

We returned from Canton Monday morning arriving in Lone Star around 10.30 am. This was after we topped off our propane tank. After getting the motor home plugged in and set up we took what little earnings we made for the month to the bank in Mt Pleasant. We also picked up supplies for Sandy’s mom and ourselves at the local Wal-Mart.

Sandy and I were up early today as I had a full schedule of clinics and blood work at VA Shreveport. My doctor has put me on Coumadin and until I get the PT/INR to the level he fells it needs to be I will have to have the ol’ blood checked at least once a week. This stuff is pretty serious as if I get my blood to thin I could bleed to death. After this I journeyed down to the Sleep Apnea clinic to see if I qualify for a CPAP machine. I learned I must first undergo a sleep in at VA where they will place all these electrodes on my body and monitor me sleeping one night. Boy! I guess this is the price I’m having to pay for not taking better care of myself.

image On our way over to VA we saw the evidence of the tornado near Waskom TX that came through there about three weeks ago. That was the week we had four tornado warnings in our area and the one that touched down in Canton. There was heavy damaged to several homes and many trees knocked down. The picture of the buildings didn’t pan out.
Shreveport now has a new RV Park just off I-20 exit 5 that finally has opened. Don’t know the name of the park as they have no sign up yet but when we drove by today the park was just about full already. We’ve watched the progress of this park each time we have gone to Shreveport. There are no trees and the sites and road appear to be all concrete with grass between each site. There are pull troughs and back ends and the best we could tell fairly good spacing between sites. We will check this out this Friday when we go back for my Echo cardiogram. Like I said “had I known”.

image  Sandy’s mom Alice will be 89 years young tomorrow. So, the family had a surprise birthday party for her tonight at her favorite restaurant “David Beards” all you can eat catfish. Believe me this lady can eat the fish. I didn’t do to bad myself. Our little group went through several platters of  fried catfish, french fries, cold slaw, hush puppies and fried shrimp.

Also in attendance where the following:

Sandy’s sister Pam and her husband Mike
Sandy’s brother James and his wife Bev
We all came home stuffed!

Happy Birthday Mom Alice!!

Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.


  1. Suzy has been on coumadin for over five years now, and it hasn't been a challenge for her. She hasn't ever had any trouble with excessive bleeding. She usually has to come off the med before certain major medical procedures, but her surgeon told her to keep taking it before her shoulder replacement. No problem at all, other than more bruising that usual. (She was really colorful for a couple of weeks!)I have had a CPAP for years, again no problem. The only (very small) problem I fave is taking it with us whenever we moved from home into the motorhome or back again, and gthat's not a real problem at all, just one more detail. Not to worry, you'll do fine; just make up your mind that it's not going to be bad, and take reasonably good care of yourself.

  2. Thanks for the info and encouragement Jerry!