Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wet But Busy Day For Sandy That Is

2xradarc3 The rains settled in early this morning (around 2:30am) and they never let up. It has literately rained all day and it looks like it will stay through the night. Unfortunately this was the day Sandy had to take her mom to her two doctors, lab for blood work and visit with her sister in Longview in between the doctor appointments. BIL James called about 6am and asked me to join him for breakfast at Arnold's. Sandy left to pick up her mom around 6:30 am (she didn’t get home till 5pm) and I stayed home watched TV, napped and read email/blogs. Tuff life I know  but someone has to do it. I did get around to the dishes and vacuuming chores while she was gone.
Today was the TCM Classic Movies on World War II. One of the movies was the story of Paul Tibbets the pilot who flew Enola Gay and dropped the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima. I had forgotten a lot about this historic event but the movie refreshed my memory and I also went to Wikipedia to enlighten myself even more.

Daytona_500_2009 Tonight I am watching the Budweiser Shootout Practice and it sure feels good to see NASCAR returning to TV. I can’t wait for the big race The Daytona 500 that starts Sunday February 14th. I understand the NASCAR bosses have lightened up on the bump-drafting rules for Daytona and Talladega. So, now its back in the drivers hands and I honestly believe we will see better and more exciting racing. Speaking of exciting no less than twenty minutes into the practice session tonight they had a seven car pile-up. Bring it on baby!!!

I received a call from the realtor inquiring if my mom had a valid photo ID like a drivers license. I told her I was sure she did but it was not a valid license as mom is 92 years young and has not driven her car in at least eight years. It turns out that she will need this during the closing which we are hoping will be next week now. I’m told its something to do with The Patriot Act that is requiring this documentation???

Tomorrow we travel to VA Shreveport for my ECHO cardiogram. Keep me in your prayers that this turn out okay.

Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.

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