Saturday, February 6, 2010

Our Day In Shreveport

800px-Deere_410G Sandy and I were up Friday morning a little earlier than normal. BIL James wanted us to join him at Arnold’s for breakfast. He was headed to Tyler TX to purchase a John Deere tractor with a back hoe. His job was requiring more usage of this type of machinery and rather than rent/lease one he decided to just buy one.

After breakfast we headed out to VA Shreveport LA for my Echo Cardiogram. We left earlier as Sandy wanted to get in some shopping before my 2pm appointment. We decided we would drive buy the new RV Park that's being built off I-20. We took exit 3 near the Flying J and turned left on Greenwood Drive and drove about 2 miles and there she was Southern Living RV Park. They had most of the sites completed and probably half occupied. The office and the laundry room have not been completed. They have a park host in one of the sites up front phone number 318-470-7671. We drove through the park and glad we did as the RV’s that were parked on the south end all have 3” to 4” wooden blocks under their right wheels. The ground has a definite slope north to south. The closer the site was to the freeway the worse it got. Also the sites were not concrete as we first thought. The roadway’s are concrete but the sites were gravel. I am sure as they get more amenities this will be a nice park for overnighters and/or casino goers. Just make sure you have some blocks with you. The casinos are about 11-13 miles further east on I-20.

We went to some of Sandy's stores Target, World Market, Bed and Bath, and Best Buy. Sandy has been wanting to play her Ipod Classic or Touch through our home entertainment center so we would get the quality sound through our speaker system. Sure enough she found exactly what was required a Audio two RCA jack with a single mini jack post for this connection. When we got back to the MH she connected it up and it worked fine. Good job Sandy!

We arrived at VA about 1pm and set in the parking lot for a while before going to my ECHO appointment. Got there about 45 minutes early but they saw me right away and finished about 30 minutes later. I’ve never had one of these so you bet I was surprised seeing my heart working on the monitors screen. The sound…. well I could have done without that. The swish….swish…..swish of the blood flowing and the valves opening and closing appeared to be doing their jobs. They tell be it will be sometime next week before they will know anything. A cardiologist has to review it. While there I had my blood checked at the Coumadin clinic. I am getting closer where I need to be and won’t have it checked again for two weeks.

I guess we want see the sun for a while. We were suppose to have sun today but he never made it. Another front is headed our way Monday and we are to get colder again. Sure wish spring would hurry up and get here.

Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.

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