Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Back At Base

It’s been a busy last four days since returning from Fort Worth. Our weather here has been wonderful the kind that makes you want to get out and do things. Lets see Saturday I spent the morning cleaning the bugs off the front and treating the Diamond Shield protective film with Plexus a plastic cleaner protectant and polish. Also cleaned and waxed the chrome mirrors and put their covers on.

Monday April 12th we took Mom Alice to her heart doctor for a sonogram and did grocery shopping for her and us. That afternoon I cleaned and re-greased the slide rods on the Blueox tow bar. Also sanded it and touched it up with some black paint. I also ordered some new pins and clip rings as the ones on there are about four years old. They probably are okay but I want them to be the best (never know if they might be fatigued) since that what holds the Jeep to the tow bar.

Yesterday, I spent two-thirds of the day weed eating the fence line, around the trees, nine culverts, trailers etc. I was quite surprised with myself as lately I haven’t had all the energy it takes to tackle this kind of job. I do have to admit though I used the BadBoy to scoot around on and go from one project to the next. When I awoke this morning my body told me I might have outdid myself. Charlie horses in both legs and both arms felt as if they just might fall off.

I have a rant. My BIL home is on a pretty busy highway and I don’t know what it is about people  but they use the ditches that run in front of his place as a garbage dump. They litter the area with paper, beer cans, bottles, fast food containers, etc. It just drives me up a wall that people would do this. I patrol with the BadBoy and pick up litter usually every other day. I use a 5 gallon bucket that pretty much is filed at the end of my run. If I could find out who the culprits were I would dump the bucket in their yards.

My friend that lives in the Texas Hill Country sent me the following pictures of the Bluebonnets in their area. Fields of blue as far as one can see. Photos taken along Loop 337 in New Braunfels from River Road to I-35 Highway 306 from New Braunfels to Purgatory Road (almost to Canyon Lake).

35d16716 35d166f7 35d166e7I miss the Hill Country!
Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.

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