Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Our Trip To Fort Worth

Monday April 5, 2010

We were up at 6am and had breakfast at the Dairy Palace before our departure to Camping World in Fort Worth to have the refrigerator checked out. We arrived without incident at Camping World’s RV park about 11am. We hooked up to electricity only as our appointment was at 1pm.  We left to find a Bank Of America and a place to eat lunch before checking in with the service department. We arrived back at CW about 12:45 pm and checked in with the service writer who asked us to pull the MH up to their service bays and a tech would meet us. Sure enough at 1 pm sharp he arrived and drove the MH into one of the bays. Sandy and I went into the store and browsed around. We purchased some things we needed and things we probably did not need. CW to me is like Bird & Bath is to Sandy. We can’t get enough. LOL

About 1:40 pm the tech located us and said all was okay and we were good to go. When we went up to pay (the fee for this service is normally $79) Sandy told the service writer we had a complaint with their monthly flyer mailing. They showed this service was available for $59 through mid March but we did not get the flyer in the mail until after the sale ended. The salesman looked at her and said okay I’ll honor the $59 price. Yea for Sandy!

image Besides the refrigerator check we wanted to take this opportunity to visit with our dear friends Mark and Dortha  with Rving with Poppa who were staying at their daughters home west of Fort Worth in between their travel's. We’ve known these fine people for about 16 years. We did craft shows and Canton together as well as made several RV trips with them. Since I lost some of my vision Mark has also helped me do a lot of things on the MH that I just didn’t have the sight to do well anymore. He also introduced me to the Klasse wax system and The Solution for keeping the MH nice and shinny. Mark keeps his Phaeton so clean and shinny they say at night you can see stars reflecting off the paint. Dortha is a jewel! She and Sandy have a lot in common with regards to things in the MH and kitchen gadgets.

cowtown-sign We left CW and arrived at the Cowtown RV Park which is about 13 miles west of their daughters home about 3 pm. This park has both concrete and gravel pads which because the weight of the MH they prefer you use their gravel sites. So, we set on a gravel site and with the wind and other RV’s coming and going the dust isn't pleasant at all.

Mark and Dortha came over to the park about 5:30 pm where we exchanged hugs and spent the evening catching up on their traveling adventures since we last saw them in April 2009. They were kind enough to buy our dinner at On The Border in Weatherford TX. Thanks again guys! After dinner we came back to the MH and visited some more. Lots of laughs and story telling were exchanged before they departed to their MH around 10 pm.

Tuesday April 6, 2010

We were up and had breakfast in Weatherford as we wanted to do some site seeing before going over to Mark and Dortha’s after lunch. For a brief history about Weatherford  click here. It is also known as the Cutting Horse Capital of the World. 
800px-Parker_courthouse The Parker County Courthouse is an historic building located at Courthouse Square in Weatherford Texas, the seat of Parker County. It was constructed in 1884 in the Second Empire style. We drove to The Chamber Of Commerce and they had a lot of sites we hope to visit while here.
One being the Doss Heritage museum which has this magnificent animal on display in the museum. Look at them horns.


This area is nothing but prairie with rolling hills and there is nothing to slow the wind down. Mark tells me they have plans to build about 30,000 homes in the general area.

imageWe also want to pay a visit to Slipdown Mountain is a located in Parker County, Texas. It is located just east of the Advance Community (near Poolville), and along with Slipdown Bluff is the highest point in Parker County, and also the highest point within the Dallas Ft.  Worth metroplex.image

We left around 1:30pm to travel to Karnes home where Mark and Dortha were staying in their MH. Arriving around 2 pm.

imageAfter visiting for a while we all loaded up in Marks Jeep and headed out to do a little shopping. We traveled to the Container Store and Bed and Bath two of Sandy’s favorite stores…. Dortha’s too. After shopping we returned to their MH where they fixed grilled chicken, green beans and potato's, an excellent salad with garlic bread. Yummy.

Wednesday April 7, 2010

Mark and Dortha had some personal things to attend to today, so Sandy and I hung around the MH and did some chores. Sandy cleaned her tile floors and Murphy Oiled the furniture while I was outside using The Solution to clean the MH. Mark and Dortha did drop by for a brief visit and Mark drained and flushed the hot water heater for me. The anode rod was still in pretty good shape so we put it back in. Thanks Mark for all your help and especially being a good friend. Tomorrow we plan to meet them at their MH and yes you guessed it do some more shopping. What fun.

Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.

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