Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Closing Out April Canton

Thursday April 1, 2010

Surprisingly we did not get much April Fools jokes or pranks this year. Our weather was nice and the crowd was light. But, we managed to cover our expenses and we were looking forward to the weekend. The winds were out of the northwest and had it not been for our backdrops and our neighbors across the way we would have been blown away.

Friday April 2, 20120

We had a light rain for most of the day and it rained really hard in the afternoon. That did not hurt our crowd as for a Friday it was better than prior months. I guess the Easter holiday had everyone off work and out of school. The only problem was they didn’t want to let go of their money. Friday sales just barely beat out Thursdays sales. Because of Sandy’s gallbladder flare up earlier in the week we both enjoyed mostly bland non spicy foods.

Saturday April 3, 2010

What a beautiful day! The winds had lighten up and the air felt cooler and we were expecting a good turn out. And, boy did the customers turn out. The biggest crowd we’ve seen for sometime. The parking lots were full, people double parking and having to park and walk a pretty good ways from the grounds. All of us vendors were watering at the mouth thinking…. yes finally a good Canton weekend. But, as  it turned out we all only had a mediocre weekend. People I'm sure worried about the direction our country is going in and the economy had a lot to do with them holding on top that dollar.

This was the last evening we had to give our neighbors across the way that are leaving Canton their going away dinner.
We all gathered outside our motorhome and had pizza and hot wings from the Pizza Hut. We shared our weekend disappointments but mainly went back and relived all the good times and laughs we've shared over the past five years. We will miss them but now they can do some of that fun stuff on weekends instead of spending that time making their signs for the next First Monday. Good luck Don, Carla and Denise on your new ventures.

Sunday April 4, 2010

This being Easter Sunday we naturally did not expect much of a crowd. Everyone was at church, sharing time with family and having Easter egg hunts with the kid's. And, what a light crowd we had. You could roll a bowling ball down the aisle and not hit anyone. This is the first time I believe in nine years that First Monday fell on Easter.

We tore down our booth after 3pm and moved the motorhome across to the creek where there are full hookups. Sandy wanted to do some laundry that evening before getting up Monday and heading out  to Fort Worth where we were going to have Camping World check out the new refrigerator we brought from them last April 2009. We were also looking forward to this trip as we would get to see our good friends Mark and Dortha with Rving with Poppa. We have not seen them since last September. We have however kept up with them and their travels by following their blog. Even though we were not personally with them following their blog made us fell as if we were their.

Until next time…MtnAire Travlers.

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  1. Give Dortha and Mark a hug from Sherri and I. We are in Alexandria La working. We are sorry we did not get by to see you this last weekend. It rained when we got home and then we had lots ot get down before we left out again on Sunday. Maybe next First Monday we can connect