Thursday, April 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Tony

Tony Wedding Day
Today is our oldest son, Tony Wayne Roffe 41st Birthday. Gosh all this means is I’m getting older and older particularly now that I will have two sons in there forty’s this year. We are very proud of you son. Tony is a lucky guy as he lives in the Colorado Rockies above Denver near Bailey, Co. (Click on pictures to enlarge)
Picture1 006
He has bowl 007a view out of of his windows that is just breath taking. He has always said it would be difficult to ever leave this area and I can’t blame him particularly when you wake up every morning to see the mountains, aspens, and trees like this. He also is fortunate to see wild game come through his yard from time to time mountain sheep, elk, deer, black bePicture 043ar and a mountain lion.
                                          One of his hobbies is to ride his dirt bike in the mountains as well as camp out under those Colorado skies. Him and some of his buddies get together and go to the mountains to camp and ride their dirt bikes.
Picture 020
This area I believe is designated for dirt bikes and four wheel drive vehicles.  It certainly would be a challenge to run up and down these mountains on four wheels let alone two. 
Another hobby is his band. He has been in and out of his band for quite a number of years. He went from the drums to playing the electric guitar now and they play what he calls gigs from time to time as well as do recordings of their music.
There are many more stories I could share about this guy, but I believe I’ve shared enough for now. Tony what a difference 41 years have made. You have grown into a fine young responsible man. Sandy and I are very proud of you. We send our Love on this special day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.


  1. Today is our son-in-laws birthday...Tank. I woule love to have that view out my window. Maybe I can move the house up there and see it every morning???

  2. It WOULD be hard to leave that Colorado home, for sure! We never had that much wildlife at our place in Montana mountains - moose, one bear, porcupine, deer. No mountain lions that we know of. And Suzy was in tears when we had to leave the place; I sniffled a few times too.

    Happy Birthday, Tony!