Saturday, April 24, 2010

We Dodge The Bullet Again At First Monday

What a morning! You should have been here in Canton this AM. We had it all…. straight line winds in some areas 80 mph, here on the grounds probably 60-65 mph, lighting , thunder, horizontal rain, hail. trees are down, no power in some places. Yes..... its First Monday again. At 2:05 am this morning Mother Nature hit us with a blow that scared the dickens out of Sandy and I. We actually did not sleep at all last night in our bed. We kept our cloths on just in case we were blown away. God forbid someone finding us in our PJ’s.

The motorhome rocked from one side to the other, the sound on hail  and rain on the roof was deafening. The worst passed as quick as it came but, it continued to rain, thunder and lighting until about 7:30 am. Then the sky opened to sunshine and clear blue skies. The air had a freshness about it that made you fell good even though we had a scare earlier. We were hungry and today was our day to go to Tyler for Sandy’s shopping fix. So, before departing we went to Whataburger for breakfast.

On the way we noticed there was an unusual amount of traffic on the highway for a Saturday morning here in Canton. We pulled up to the Whataburger and you would not believe the parking lot. It was full and people were parking in the overflow truckers area. Sandy and I could not imagine why the crowd. Once inside there was a line that  made me want to turn around and go somewhere else. Sandy being the patience one…. said  “no it wont take that long go an grab us a table”. In about fifteen minutes she came to the table with our drinks and the little tent with our food order number on it. She said the reason the place was so crowded was due to the lack of electricity in the area. The storm must have taken out a lot of power in the area. What is that saying…”Someone's misfortunes turns into someone else's fortunes”.

As we left we could see that just about every fast food place, donut palaces and restaurants in town had their parking lots and drive thru full of cars. So, we would not have been any better off. Gosh, I hate it when she seems to always have the right answer.  As we traveled down Highway 64 to Tyler we could see the evidence of the storm downed power lines, tree limbs and fallen trees all up and down the highway.One particular place had a huge tree laying on its roof. A church lost its steeple and some walkway awnings.

We managed to dodge another bullet here at Canton and thank you Lord for your hand of protection last night.

A friend of mine sent this photo of the volcano eruption in Iceland a few weeks ago. I wonder if Mother Nature isn’t trying to tell us something?

e01_23056097 Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.


  1. That storm went north of us here in Austin. It seems when those bad ones go through here you guys really catch it.

    We're wanting to get to a 1st Monday to see it again and meet you two.

  2. We will be at Dangerfield State Park while your gone to First Monday!!! We were looking forward to coming out and visiting with you. What timing...

  3. What is it about First Monday that can causes the weather to go just crazy.

    Glad you made it through once again without blemish.

    Hugs and hope the weather is gone for awhile.