Tuesday, September 15, 2009

8 in 8 and 4 Out of Last 4

!cid_X_MA4_1241528621@aol We’ve had rain now for the last four days of which one day we had 8” of rain in 8 hours. Boy, are we soaked and it would be nice to see some of this head down to the Austin-San Antonio area. Don’t get me wrong we are appreciative of what the good Lord provides but when you step out of the MH and bog down in your own yard that’s just to much. Also this effects Sandy’s job as the TDOT will not allow them to cut if the ground is soggy. They do not like to see tractor tracks on the right a ways of their highways.

Today will be the fifth consecutive day  we’ve had rain and the weather man is calling for more rain rest of the week. Went to town Saturday in the rain and you would not believe the number of spin outs, rear-enders, and crazy drivers we witnessed. The Farmers Almanac has predicted a wetter winter for this area. Maybe this is the beginning since Fall is right around the bend.

The healing process on my nose surgery is coming along fine. Some of the swelling, drainage and soreness has gone. I have my follow-up visit this Thursday, November 17th. The stitches are self dissolving so I shouldn’t have to have them removed.

We take Sandy’s Mom to her heart doctor today to have her pacemaker checked out. I don’t look forward to the drive in the rain again but you can’t let a little wetness stop you. You only hope those NASCAR drivers in town slow down and don’t involve you when they crash. Sandy should also be able to drive me to VA Shreveport for my follow-up visit. I don’t see quite as well due to a non-successful retina surgery on my right eye three years ago.

!cid_004201ca25bc$d195df60$F84F2249@Toshiba  With this rainy weather we are having it sure makes life boring. I can’t get out and clean the MH or mow the grass. Life is sill good though.



Until next time…. MtnAire Travlers.

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  1. I know what you mean about bored. I have been in the RV forever. It has rained everyday for the last week and I have got nothing done outside. I need to clean the RV but that wont happen until it drys out.