Friday, September 25, 2009

My You’ve Come A Long Ways In 73 Years


I’m posting a little early (7 Days) for my 73rd Birthday on October 2nd as we will be at Canton where we don’t have Wifi Service.  Happy Birthday Weldon!  
Yes, it’s that time again and October First Monday is traditionally one of our best shows. They say in the four days you can expect to see over 150,000 to 200,000 people gather in this small town for the first fall show.

Weldon after nose surgery

The crowd is so large that it takes hours to get into the parking lot and longer to leave the grounds for home. Once in you don’t drive anywhere as it will take an hour or so to travel just one mile. You plan your meals in your RV as all the restaurants in town will be wall to wall with people. The RV parking spots will fill up before Thursday. We also get a lot of snowbirds or Winter Texans stopping off for the show on their way to South Texas for the winter. The lines for the rest rooms are always long, especially the Ladies. Usually sales for the Fall months more than make up for slower sales in the winter and summer months. Lets hope it’s that way this fall. With the 5000+ vendors the slice of the pie is getting smaller. Also we learned last month that Henry Lewis did indeed purchase the Arbors.This now makes him the largest leaser for the Canton First Monday booths. The Arbors are considered by most to be the main stream of all the pavilions.

I’ve spent most of this week doing odds an ends around the MH like cleaned and re-greased my tow bars on the Blue Ox, the usual pre-check for traveling and using The Solution to wash the lower third of the MH. My BatteryMinder is doing exactly what it’s suppose to do that is keeping the batteries charged and  goes into the float-maintenance  mode once they are up to the proper volts. Also when I first connected to my chassis batteries the BatteryMinder showed their was some sulphation build up but that  now seems to have been corrected by the BM. !cid_8_457800947@web180101_mail_gq1_yahooHere’s looking at ya!

Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.


  1. I'll wish you a Happy Early Birthday then! Glad it's you and not me in all those people. I'd be squirrely!

  2. Hey, Weldon - Happy Birthday!! Hope Canton is a great success. Have a great time. Very cute baby - is that really you - lol??

  3. Happy Birthday...I wish we were there to celebrate with you. We will be thinking of you and here's to a great birthday and a great Canton weekend. I always looked forward to October and November.